Can Air Cleaners Remove Aerosols?

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Aerosols are basically the suspension of particles that contain SARS-CoV-2 dispersed in the atmosphere. They are liquid particles released from infectious people either during sneezing or coughing. Initially, they are large droplets but after 3-4 hours they evaporate, becoming smaller so they can easily diffuse in the atmosphere. The infection remains in the droplets. They still hold the efficiency of sickening a healthy person. Air purification services have the H13 (HEPA) class filtration which removes aerosols. If air purification services are properly utilized the chances of being affected by pathogens are fewer.

How Well Do Air Purification Services Remove Aerosols?

Air purification and cleaning services installed either in commercial or residential areas reduce more than 80% of aerosols there. Without causing any noise or disturbance, they filter a large variety of microbes, trap dust particles and neutralize odors. These odors arise from volatile organic compounds or VOCs. When the infectious person sneezes, droplets are dispersed in the environment they carry SARS-CoV-2 along with carbon dioxide. The increase in the concentration of CO² means an increase in the chances of getting affected. Ventilation could be provided by HVAC or by opening the windows and letting fresh air sweep in.

It is highly advised to have proper commercial air cleaners installed within your workspace, to keep a safer environment for the workers. Proper air filtration not only helps remove aerosols but also particulate matter and other particles considered harmful for the health of the workers. As a result, the efficiency of the working environment will be increased as the workers will be active and healthy. The use of proper air purifiers will enhance the stability within the environment and increase the efficiency of work.

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