The global spread of COVID-19 was declared as a pandemic by the WHO on March 11, 2020. The virus is spread via droplet and smear infection, or can be transmitted via aerosols (droplet nuclei floating in the air that are smaller than 5 micrometers). There are a number of health risks, and hygiene and safety is becoming increasingly important. There are a number of technical solutions available to help stop the spread of COVID, such as cleaning indoor air by filtering it through high-performance filters (Hepa H13 and HEPA H14). Experts agree that HEPA filters of class H13 and H14 are effective at filtering aerosols that carry viruses including COVID-19 from the air.

Case Study

Tested: The VisionAir Blue Line has what scientific studies require

In order to meet the challenge, Euromate’s experienced engineers have optimized and scientifically tested the MicrobeFree variant of the  VisionAir Blue Line. It can filter indoor air from COVID-19 as well as other viruses and bacteria, allergens and microbes in the air. With its combination of HEPA filters, silver ion filters and UV-C light, it removes viruses that are transported by aerosols from the air to reduce the risk of transmission.

A solution in times of the Covid-19 pandemic for the event industry, for hotels, conference venues, restaurants, cafes, for waiting areas, doctor’s offices, fitness studios, canteens, offices and therapy rooms, for schools, kindergartens and universities, for concert halls, care facilities, blood donation centers, Editorial offices, hairdressing and cosmetic salons, shops and boutiques, town halls and even your own apartment.

Fine dust and corona infection

In late 2019, when Covid-19 was still developing in China, there were studies into the connection between the spread of Covid-19 and fine dust. It is suggested viruses could be transported via fine dust in the air, and that the risk of Covid-19 disease increases in regions with high levels of air pollution. Air pollution from fine dust occurs not only outdoors, but also, and often even more, indoors. An effective air purifier removes the fine dust along with the viruses and bacteria, and this not only reduces infection but also a lot of other diseases caused by fine dust.

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Virus-free air.

Approch against Covid-19

Coronavirus has changed the world and affects all of our lives, privately, at work and in society. Social distancing rules, wearing masks and the use of disinfectants in every room will likely be a necessary and permanent part of the future.

Beyond these personal measures, organisations can ensure the health of their employees, customers and visitors by investing in air purification technology with HEPA filters to remove viruses and bacteria from the air.

This investment can provide security and assurance, and allows us to continue to meet and visit indoor spaces without fear of infection and transmission.

Professional air filtration systems equipped with HEPA filters can protect individuals from risk of transmission in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. These solutions allow us to continue to meet in indoor spaces while protecting those around us.

Autumn and winter increase the risk of infection from aerosols and thus from viruses including COVID-19 in closed rooms. Wherever people come together indoors, the risk of an airborne infection of COVID-19 or other viruses like the flu, increases considerably. Poor ventilation and dense crowds create a dangerous mix, but increased spread of viruses and bacteria can be prevented with Euromate Pure Air’s products.

Air conditioning systems and fans are actually likely to increase the risk of virus transmission, because the polluted air is spread through the system and into other rooms.
The use of air filtration systems with HEPA filters has proven effective for reducing the transmission of viruses and germs, as it filters and replaces the indoor air rather than just moving the same air around in an enclosed space.

Most experts agree that air filtration systems equipped with HEPA filters (which meet high quality standards), will be effective in filtering bacteria, viruses and other air pollutants out of the air. Euromate Pure Air’s systems are all equipped with HEPA filters which can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses, in order to protect staff, customers and visitors throughout the pandemic and into the future.


HEPA filters for removing COVID-19 and other Viruses

A number of independent researchers, including the Technical Research Centre Finland VTT and Dutch Organisation for Applied Scientiific Research TNO, have established that HEPA filters are effective in removing COVID-19 and other virus particles from the air.

The most important factor in preventing COVID-19 transmission is filter quality. Not all filters are equally suitable for retaining virus-containing particles from the air.
It is important that the air cleaning system has a real HEPA filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter) that separates even the smallest particles very efficiently.

Euromate Pure Air’s systems are all equipped with HEPA filters which can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses, in order to protect staff, customers and visitors throughout the pandemic and into the future.

Filter classes from EPA - HEPA - ULPA in air purifiers

Name of the filter groupFilter classDegree of separation (total)Degree of separation (local)
High-performance particle filter
(EPA =  Efficient Particulate Air filter )
E10> 85%
E11> 95%
E12> 99.5%
HEPA filter (  High Efficiency Particulate Air filter )H13> 99.95%> 99.75%
H14> 99.995%> 99.975%
particulate filter (ULPA =  Ultra Low Penetration Air filter )
U15> 99.9995%> 99.9975%
U16> 99.99995%> 99.99975%
U17> 99.999995%> 99.9999%
Yes. Corona, virus and bacteria-free room air is possible.

The importance of system placement

Filter quality alone is not enough to protect from virus transmission. Creating ideal air flow dynamics is necessary, so that polluted air runs through the filter  and can be circulated back into the room as clean, filtered air. By ensuring the proper placement of the system, any viruses in the air (including COVID-19 and the flu virus) land in the filter before infecting anyone. 

Optimal airflow is generated when warm, polluted air is drawn directly upwards and returned to the room in a clean state with as few obstacles as possible. It minimizes the chance that people will infect each other as the virus particles are caught and filtered by the air cleaning system. Therefore it is ideal that the system is mounted on the ceiling to draw the air up as quickly as possible. If an air purifier is used in the standing or rollable version, we recommend that you ensure that it is in the middle of the room as to reduce the number obstacles for airflow.

Areas of Application

Dental Labs

Medical Centres

Old Aged Care


Schools and Daycare

Bars and Pubs

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