Guide to Workplace Indoor Air Quality 

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With the rise in the importance of workplace hygiene, the need for improved workplace air quality has also increased. Indoor air quality in the workplace is directly related to the employees’ health, hygiene and well-being. Organizations have actively started implementing methods that ensure indoor air quality is up to the highest standards.

There are different indoor air quality standards to ensure organizations adhere to maintaining a safe and secure workplace. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Standardization Organization (ISO) are the two entities that have rolled out modern standards.

Standards for Indoor Air Quality in the Workplace

The two unanimously accepted international standards for maintaining the highest levels of indoor air quality in the workplace are below: 


World Health Organization  

According to the organization, poor air quality results in the premature deaths of 7 million people around the world. The World Health Organization’s international standards for air quality serve as a defined target for local and international administrations to improve the health and hygiene of their citizens. The standards specifically focus on the prevention of sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen dioxide in the air.  


International Standardization Organization 

The International Standardization Organization (ISO) has presented two distinct standards for maintaining a higher indoor air quality in the workplace. These standards are ISO 16000-40:2019 and ISO 16814:2008. While the first standard deals with indoor air quality management, the latter focuses on the development of buildings for effective maintenance of indoor air quality.  

Steps to Improve Indoor Air Quality in the Workplace

To improve indoor air quality in offices and ensure improvement in employee well-being, satisfaction and productivity, follow the following steps.  


Ensure Ventilation  

Workplaces can become crowded for several reasons. It could be due to individuals sharing space from other departments or a large number of files that need completion. A workplace can prove to be very claustrophobic due to an increased level of carbon dioxide and other pollutants if there is no optimal space for ventilation. Adequate ventilation measures are the most cost-effective method if you want to have an affordable way out.  


Install Alarms 

Installing alarms can improve poor indoor air quality, but it only gets half the job done. Installing alarms for detecting carbon monoxide, smoke, nitrogen dioxide, or any other harmful gas can allow you to maintain safety levels. But, these alarms would only inform you of the rising levels; if you want to do something about it, you would require professional help.  


Controlling Moisture 

It is imperative to control moisture in a workplace. Since it is a space that has occupants for certain hours of the day, there is a high chance that mould growth goes unnoticed. Mold growth can be a significant challenge, especially if the space is already struggling to maintain indoor air quality. If the indoor air comes in contact with mould, it might get polluted with allergens and bacteria that could seriously affect employees’ health. 


Safely Located Combustion Appliances  

Any appliances that may release heat must be in ventilated spaces. Often, the heat rising from these appliances can increase the internal temperature of the workplace. Office kitchens must also have proper sources of ventilation to reduce the rising level of heat in the workplace.  


Use Less Toxic Cleaning Products 

Organizations can ensure their workplaces are free of toxic VOCs and chemicals by using organic cleaning products. It also reduces the content of harmful gases and makes the internal environment fresh and safe.  


Use Air Purifiers 

Air purifiers are a good way of improving indoor air quality in the workplace. These products are specially designed for the task and can also ensure 24/7 protection. Air purifiers from Euromate are effective products, especially for workplaces. The Pure Air Shield 3300 is a great product that removes viruses with an efficiency rate of 99.995%. These can be considered silent guardians who fight air pollutants and maintain a fresh and healthy environment inside a workplace.  

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