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Monitor Co2 for Optimum Safety with Euromate’s CO2 Monitor – Air-Box.

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Euromate Pure Air Presents Air-Box

EuromateAir-box is the ultimate Co2 monitor for optimum safety. Unlike other brands, our portable Co2 meter has a multifunction detection feature, which detects Co2, HCHO, PM1.0, PM2.5, and PM10. 

With an infrared Co2 sensor, the data is updated every second without the influence of oxygen on the data. The Air-box co2 meter provides accurate measurement sensitivity and can detect particles smaller than 1um. 

The 16-bit full HD screen with colored labeling makes the identification relatively easier for the user. The design is contemporary and simple, making it a sleek decorative product for your room, kitchen, car, or your work desk. The portable Co2 monitor is lightweight and comes with a mobile app to monitor your air quality on the go. 

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The advanced built-in infrared technology ensures high measurement sensitivity; Detect particles smaller than 1 um in real-time.

Additional Features

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Track air quality with mobile app

Use the mobile app to monitor your air quality on the go.

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Easy Identification

16-bit Full HD screen with color labeling ensures quick identification of air quality levels.

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Multi-function Detection

Detects CO2, HCHO, PM, temperature and humidity in the air.

Why Air-Box?

Areas of Application

Our Co2 monitor – Air Box, can be used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

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Monitoring Co2 levels is essential to determine if adequate and healthy ventilation is being provided to the students and the staff. High levels of carbon dioxide have proven to lower 80% of students’ cognitive performance and cause long-term health problems. Increased carbon dioxide levels also have a direct and unfavorable impact on decision-making abilities. With the help ofCo2 Sensors in schools, these levels can be continuously monitored, and hence, informed decisions can be taken on time.   

Co2 monitor placed in St. Joseph school

On average, people spend around 8 hours daily at work. It could involve a group of people spending several hours in a confined environment and thus, being subject to increasing Carbon dioxide levels. Air quality in an office or work environment must be adequate to ensure good work performance and the well-being of workforce. The Euromate Pure Air Co2 meter is easy to place in offices due to its sleek and lightweight design. With offices re-opening after the global pandemic outbreak, it is consequential to consider the health risks excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere possesses.

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Home is where you spend most of yourtime, andbeing exposed to a high concentration of carbon dioxide throughout the day is detrimental to your health. In extreme cases, high levels of carbon dioxide in the air can be life-threatening. Thanks toEuromatePure Air Co2 Sensor, now you can measure the atmospheric carbon dioxide levels in real-time without any hassle. 

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The bottom line is that a Co2 Monitor Australia by Euromate Pure Air is a piece of the necessary equipment to improve health, performance, and cognitive abilities. However, to purify the air and bring back Co2 levels, the installation of Euromate Pure air purifiers is essential. They are known to reduce the risk of infection and improve carbon dioxide levels and indoor air quality. 


A Co2 monitor or Co2 meter is an instrument to measure the level of carbon dioxide in the air around you. They are mainly used to keep track of Co2 levels in a space to help maintain the air quality. 

A Co2 meter is available in many types; however, an Infrared-based Co2 monitor usually detects the level of carbon dioxide by calculating the absorption of infrared light at a specific wavelength.   

Euromate Pure Air mini Co2 monitor has a competitive edge as its high measurement sensitivity accurately represents the Co2 levels in the room. Moreover, our Co2 monitor is portable and easy to use, unlike monitors installed in a ventilation system. It also provides accurate real-time data which is updated every second.  

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is a term used to describe instances in which occupants or visitors to a building have health or comfort-related effects that can be traced back to the amount of time they spent within. In most cases, there is no apparent illness or reason.  

There is a strong association between CO2 levels and SBS. If you are observing SBS symptoms like frequent headaches, nasal, eye, or breathing issues, or constant fatigue the carbon dioxide concentration is high in your surroundings.  

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