Grease & Oil

Get rid of grease and oil mist in your air

Grease and oil mist in the air is one of the major challenges that many industries face, with mostly the hospitality and catering industry being affected. It is also faced in the transport sector and machine construction industries. While Grease and oil in the air increase the risk of fire and surge energy, it also detrimental to your health. Euromate Pure Air is your reliable partner and has the solution to help eliminate these problems.

Tackling grease in the air and oil mist with Euromate Pure Air.

We offer our clients various solutions for tackling pollution from grease and oil in the air. Our team of professionals and our dealers always assess our client’s situation to offer a tailored solution. In the catering industry, a kitchen filtration system is often the ideal solution. For large industrial maintenance workshops, HF extraction is the best option. For smaller workplace extraction, we recommend VisionAir Blue Line. Please get in touch with us today!


Clean interior air for a healthier working environment

Reduce the risk of fire

Savings of up to 70% on cleaning costs

Savings of up to 30% on energy consumption and maintenance costs

Reduced absence due to illness – as much as 40%

Suggested Products

Vision Air Blue Line 2 Air Cleaner

VisionAir Blue Line air cleaner

Prevent polluted indoor air from threatening your health.

HF Industrial Air Cleaner

HF Industrial Aircleaner

Removes (fine) dust, smoke and oil particles in industrial buildings.

SF Kitchen Air Filtration

SF Kitchen Filtration System

Limited odour nuisance and risk of fire.

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