Fine (Dust)

Particulate pollution is a common problem experienced by companies....

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Odors & Gases

Pollution from odors and gases is a major problem for many companies....

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Grease & Oil

Grease in the air and oil mist are problems that many industries have to deal with..

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Air infected with Coronavirus has affected almost everyone across the globe...

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About us

By cleaning the indoor air, we have been making working environments safer for more than 45 years. This reduces pollution including viruses, bacteria, fine particles, odours and gases. Providing clean indoor air contributes to the health of your employees, reduces absenteeism costs, and ensures a longer life for your machines.

Experiencing air quality problems? You have come to the right place!

We, by the help of our extensive dealership network, first assess your working environment. Where necessary, appropriate test measurements are taken to identify the type of contamination present in the space. Based on these findings, personalized advice is given about the solution that suits your needs. Additionally, our service technicians offer ongoing periodic maintenance which guarantees a longer lifespan of our products.

VisionAir blue line air purifier
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VisionAir blue line air purifier

Our Mission

We believe that clean indoor air is a substantial right for everyone and that it is the basis for a happy and healthy life.

Reliable Services

Our Dealership Network

Our local dealers offer advice and develop a specialized solution for you and your organization. Dealership offer installation, maintenance, and servicing of Euromate Pure Air units anytime, anywhere to ensure your environment remains clean and healthy with high-quality air.


Our Work

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“We are delighted with the extraction systems from Euromate. The extraction units are suspended from the ceiling and have achieved a considerable reduction in air pollutants.” 

“Our colleagues think that the air cleaners are excellent!” 

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