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Euromate Pure Air Providing Best Air Purifiers For The Filtration Of Viruses

Breathing is the most unconscious and the simplest task that we perform for about 23000 times a day. However, what we don’t observe is, what we are breathing in. Everyday our lungs are exposed to various pollutants which are a considerable health risk. These pathogens are found everywhere; be it your home, your office, a restaurant, or an industrial site. 

Taking in clean and fresh air is vital for healthy functioning lungs and has, in this age of growing pollution, become highly imperative. Air purifiers are now a necessity, especially in these pandemic time. They ensure a bacteria and virus free environment. 

Euromate Pure Air Australia is proud to introduce your true air purification companions – Euromate’s Pure Air Shield 3300 and VisionAir Blue Line Air purifiers.


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Pure Air Shield 3300 Air Cleaner

Pure Air Shield 

PAS 3300 is designed for large commercial spaces. The basic setting on the Pure Air Shield 3300 is at five air exchanges per hour ensuring that your air remains clean through out. 

It has been tested for filtration of about 99.995% of pollutants and viruses that surround your air. The PAS 3300 conducts a quiet operation and purifies your air continuously at minimum noise. It has an easy-to-use plug and play system.

One of the major features that makes the PAS 3300 stand out is its proven filtration of suspended coronavirus particles from the air through its HEPA 14 filter. This feature makes the Pure Air Shield the best air purifier for bacteria and viruses in Australia.

Pure Air Shield 3300 Air Cleaner

Vision Air Blue Line  

Is your indoor air suffering from various kinds of pollutants? If yes, then, VisionAir Blue Line is the one to go for.

It is available in 7-unique filter combinations and offers multi-step filtration so that different types of air pollutants can be removed.

These ISO 16890 certified filters are known as dust free, microbe free, gas free, smoke free and odor free. VisionAir Blue Line series are easy-to-use, energy-efficient and quiet air purifiers.

It offers the new and next-gen technology of air cleaners for an effective approach towards indoor air purification.

Vision Air Blue Line for filtration of viruses

Benefits of Air Filtration

Air cleaners are the most effective solution for the filtration of viruses and other common pollutants. Air contamination can have various diverse affects on your health, however, with the help of the best air purifiers for bacteria and viruses you can be safe from deadly viruses, allergens, smoke and unpleasant smells. There are many advantages of having a continuous supply of pure air:

Can Air purifiers Help Against COVID-19?

The PAS 3300 and VisionAir Blue Line air cleaners are proven to be effective against Coronavirus particles from the air. These products are scientifically tested and approved to perform this task. Research institutions including VTT Finland and TNO Netherlands have certified these products, maintaining their credibility. 

Moreover, CQV (COVID-19 Quarantine Victoria) has also approved the VisionAir Blue Line Series. Therefore, with the outbreak of the global pandemic and business and educational institutes reopening, Euromate Air Purifiers are a must have as they are fully capable of eliminating harmful aerosols from the air.

Areas of Application


Indoor air quality has an adverse impact on the productivity levels of the students. Unfortunately, it has been researched that about 80% of schools have poor air quality.  Clean and bacteria free air is essential for better learning performance and the well-being of students and the teaching faculty.

Our leading air filtration purifiers, the PAS 3300 and VisionAir Blue Line, purifies polluted air and provide a comfortable, healthy, and clean environment in schools.

Children in a school with air purifier for odor installed
Office workspace filled with people


Whether you need a commercial air filtration system to remove smoke, allergens, airborne particles, aerosols, or the COVID-19, our PAS 3300 and VisionAir Blue Line Series are premium air cleaning solutions.

Equipped with next-gen air exchange and multi-phase air filtration technology, they can handle any kind of contaminant common in workspaces. Euromate products are the best air purifiers for bacteria and viruses for offices and workspaces making air filtration easier like never before.

Dental Labs and Medical centers

Dental labs and medical centers require adequate purification system to ensure the safety of the staff and the patients. It is quite common that these institutes are often filled with various harmful pollutants which are produced during the routine operations.

For example, the consistent use of plastic and monomers in a dental lab leaves an unpleasant odor. Similarly, to avoid any contamination of surgical tools and equipment, it is necessary to have bacteria free air in clinics.

Due to the next-generation technology of PAS 3300 and VisionAir Blue line, they are suitable for the filtration of viruses and bacteria in such institutions.

two dentists performing dental procedure on a patient

Our Range

Equipped with a pre-filter and a certified HEPA 14 filter for effective cleaning of up to 99.995% of the suspended particulate and aerosols from the air. Suitable for large indoor spaces. Get rid of COVID-19 Particles from the environment! 

Filters 99% of the indoor air. Available in 7 Filter combinations for optimum indoor air quality. Suitable for small to medium indoor spaces.  Proven by research against Covid-19.  Provides 4 layers of filtration along with UV lights.

Range of Filter combinations available


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PAS 3300 is 99.995% efficient, whereas Vision Air can filter up to 99% of indoor air.

Opening windows does not influence the effectiveness in the filtration of viruses of air purifiers, however, it works best if the windows are kept close in order to keep out outside pollutants and dust particles.

Dust and other airborne particles may appear harmless and ordinary, but they can cause a variety of serious long-term health concerns. With the help of air purifiers, you can prevent chronic diseases like asthma, respiratory infections, cancer, and chronic pulmonary diseases.

All Euromate products are simple plug-and-play units which means they do not require any ductwork. They can either be mounted on your wall/ceiling or can be used on a stand for portability.

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