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Euromate Pure Air - The Best Choice for Medical Grade Air Purifier Australia

We offer a range of medical grade air purifiers and high-quality HEPA filters manufactured to clean up to 99.99% of the air to create a microbe-free environment. Our products are easy to install and suitable for hospitals, medical centers, nursing homes, dental clinics, and laboratories as they do not require ductwork. Other features that make us stand out from the rest are: 

  • SGS certification with a guarantee to filter Sars-Cov-2 particles from indoor air 
  • Industrial strength for large spaces, such as hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities 
  • A timer function for energy efficiency
  • Sustainability and manufacturing of felt from recycled PET bottles 

A technologically-advanced medical grade air purifier Australia that maximizes air filtration in healthcare facilities and also works as a hospital grade air purifier COVID 19. PAS 3300 features a HEPA filter to extract smaller particles for cleaner surroundings. 


"We were impressed with the performance of the Euromate solution. The air measurements showed us a dust reduction of almost 80%!"
“Our measurements show that the air cleaners do their job very well. Especially particulate matter, which can spread the coronavirus, is significantly reduced.”
“What is particularly noticeable since the installation of the air purifiers is that the peaks of odour nuisance are less intense and that the air quality quickly returns to normal levels.”
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Pure Air Shield 3300

Given Covid-19, strict parameters for health and safety are required to be followed. To tackle these requirements, Euromate has developed Pure Air Shield 3300 to filter out viruses, bacteria, fine particulate, and allergens in large spaces. It is equipped with a pre-filter and a HEPA 14 filter that cleans 99.99% of the indoor air through a continuous cleaning cycle. 

Being a hospital grade air purifier COVID-19, PAS 3300 features five air exchanges within an hour, which is also the requirement for the mitigation of the coronavirus. As a result, it makes healthcare facilities safer for the staff, visitors, and patients. 

PAS 3300 is the best medical grade air purifier Australia as it has a HEPA filter. It stands for the high particulate efficiency air filter. HEPA features a fine mesh that successfully extracts even the smallest particles, including airborne virus particles. Air quality experts and other regulatory bodies, such as EPA, recommend air purifiers with HEPA for maximum air filtration.

At a Glance - PAS 3300 VS Samsung Air Purifier AX93T0

table showing comparison

Benefits of Using Euromate's Medical Grade Air Purifier Australia

There might be severe consequences when it comes to hospital-related infections. Euromate offers medical grade air purifier Australia to cater to our customers with the best:

  • Patients with weak immune systems (such as oncology, organ and bone-marrow transplant recipients, hematology patients, children, pregnant women, and elderly patients) are susceptible to infections. Our products make the indoor air clean for them. 
  • Chemical compounds and harmful gases could be dangerous. We provide air purifiers that filter out 99.995% of these gases to create a safe ambient environment.
  • Our efficient products clean the polluted contaminants and allergens that could be the reason for sinus irritation and the spread of illnesses and diseases. 
  • We develop purifiers that help in making a cleaner operation room for critical surgeries.

Areas of Application

an orthopedic industry producing orthopedic shoes with medical grade air purifier Australia by Euromate Pure Air installed


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a man performing physiotherapy on a woman's hand


How to Pick the Best Medical Air Purifier 

Various features contribute to providing fresh air in hospitals and clinics. We have compiled a list of factors that make up the best hospital grade air purifier covid 19.

  • Capacity: High-capacity purifiers serve large spaces for an extended period. It is recommended to purchase a medical air purifier that aligns with your needs. 
  • HEPA Filter: The type of filter determines the quality and effectiveness of the purifier. HEPA 13 and HEPA 14 filters are typically used in a medical setting for greater efficiency as used in Euromate medical grade air purifier Australia.
  • CADR Rate: The higher the clean air delivery rate, the quicker the purifier filter out the contaminants from the air in a particular space. It is suggested to pick a unit with high CADR for better performance.
  • Energy Efficiency: Automatic features to increase the energy efficiency of the units must be taken into account when purchasing air purifiers. Euromate’s medical grade air purifier Australia is equipped with a timer function and motion sensors that help in reducing electrical energy consumption.
  • Filter Lifespan: Filter replacements are usually expensive. Choosing filters with a long-life span can save you money in the long run and keep you away from frequently changing your filters.

Euromate PAS 3300 is the pinnacle of smart engineering. It is a medical grade air purifier Australia with a high-capacity technology to cover large hospital spaces and other medical facilities. Not only does our air purification technology purify the air, but it also consumes less electricity, has a quieter operation and its filters have an extended lifespan.

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The air quality and atmosphere in the casino have improved significantly.

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I’m so happy with those air cleaners! They work exceptionally well, complaints have vanished and employees are satisfied.

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Explore how Euromate has been successful in purifying indoor air for various commercial and industrial customers globally.


Senior couple with face masks sitting in a waiting room of a hospital

Healthcare facilities are often polluted with airborne viruses, volatile organic compounds, chemicals, and bacteria. A medical-grade air purifier is specifically engineered with HEPA filters to extract particulate matter from hospitals, clinics, nursery homes, and other healthcare facilities. 

HEPA stands for a high-efficiency particulate air filter. It is a mechanical technology that features fine mesh to extract smaller particles that are not filtered out otherwise. These filters can achieve up to 99.95% filtration efficiency. 

Medical air purifiers with a HEPA filter have the capacity to remove pollutants from large spaces, such as hospitals. They can remove polluted air with up to 99.95% efficiency and can remove the dangers of disease spread. 

Euromate PAS 3300 is a medical grade air purifier Australia that has a HEPA filter to remove pollutants from the space. It has a fine mesh to remove small particles, such as COVID-19 virus particles, which are airborne. Moreover, PAS 3300 has SGS certification and is sustainable as well. With five exchanges per hour, it leaves safe and fresh air within medical spaces, creating an ambient environment for everyone. 

Our air purifiers have been certified and tested by leading organizations globally. PAS 3300 has been certified by SGS, an organization that provides testing, inspection, and certification services. Our hospital grade air purifier COVID-19 is certified for its compliance with international standards.

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