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Are you tired of bad odors and gases on your premises? Are your customers frequently complaining about an unpleasant odor in your restaurant? Or is your staff subjected to unsafe gases in your factory? If these are your daily concerns, then look no further than the Euromate Pure Air odor and gas Air Purifier range. 

One of the main reasons for indoor air pollution for commercial and industrial premises is trapped odor and gases. Exposure for a longer period can lead your workforce and visitors to face various health issues including irritation in the throat, eye, and nose. Moreover, they may also have trouble breathing and have coughing problems. In all cases, exposure to unpleasant odors and gases must be tackled for the well-being of people visiting you. So, how do we do that? By installing Euromate’s air purifier for odor.  

If you are looking for a premium air purifier for odor, Euromate Pure Air is the name to remember. We are the leading supplier of top-notch commercial and industrial grade air purifiers for odor removal. Our 360-degree air purification solutions are guaranteed to provide an odor-free environment so that you can have a refreshing and inviting workplace.  

Euromate’s air purifier for odor and gas removal has an Activated Carbon filter that efficiently catches odor molecules. Though there are many air purification technologies available, an air purifier with an Activated Carbon filter is the key to odor nuisance which is typical in commercial spaces and industrial settings. 

Euromate Pure Air providing High-Quality Air Purifier for Odor Removal

Vision Air Blue Line Air Cleaner

With VisiorAir Blue Line, you can ensure a healthy breathing environment for your workforce. It is a new generation air purifier with a plug & play feature to remove all toxic pollutants from the indoor air, specifically odor and gases. The efficient VisionAir Blue Line filters 99% of the air and features seven unique filter combinations to achieve optimal performance. The OdorFree combination has two versions – Incontinence and Universal. It efficiently prevents unpleasant odors present in the air and makes the environment fresh and odor-free.

Vision Air Blue Line for filtration of viruses
HF Industrial Air Filtration system

HF Industrial Air Cleaner 

Suitable for odors and gases in industrial complexes, HF Industrial air cleaner is a perfect solution due to its higher volume and air exchange capacity. The purification technology filters more than 90% of pollutants from the air and saves your energy costs by 30%. The HF Industrial is an efficient air purifier for odor and gas removal as it features activated carbon filter cylinders with bayonet catch. The air pollutants get collected in the cylinders which can be replaced in case of saturation.

HF Industrial Air Filtration system

SF Kitchen Filtration System

SF Kitchen Filtration is Euromate’s air purifier for odor removal in commercial kitchens. While our filtration system saves your maintenance costs due to reduced buildup of grease and soot molecules in the ventilation system, it features highly efficient Activated Carbon filters so that the air purifier odor remover function can be at its best. Overall, the kitchen filtration system is ideal for every commercial kitchen to minimize fire hazards, cleaning work and odor nuisance. As a result, you can have cleaner air in the kitchen and surroundings free of cooking odor.

SF Kitchen Air Filtration

Benefits of Odor Control

Euromate Pure Air Australia’s air purifiers for gas and odor control can benefit your business in numerous ways: 

Remove unpleasant odors and smells

Filtration of air pollutants by more than 90%

Healthier well-being of employees and increased productivity levels

Decrease in absenteeism by up to 40% 

Saving on cleaning costs by up to 70% 

Savings on the energy bill by up to 30%

Bacteria removal

Healthy atmosphere with an odor-free workplace 



One of the crucial concerns for parents and teachers is the foul and unpleasant odor in schools. A research study suggests that foul odor harms the school atmosphere, and 55 percent of the survey participants indicated that unpleasant odor can hurt their attention. Engineered with the latest technology, VisionAir Blue Line helps to prevent stale air quality due to poor ventilation systems in classrooms. The new generation air cleaner features easy operation and filters 99.95% of the air.  

Co2 monitor placed in St. Joseph school
fire man walking on road with a pipe

Fire Stations

Smoke odor and combustible particulates are typical to fire stations. The toxic substances, if inhaled, can create severe health problems, including allergies, respiratory issues, and irritation in the nose and lungs. Therefore, an environment free from toxic particulates and harmful odor is important in fire stations. Euromate’s HF Industrial and Vision Air Blue with CarbonMax filters feature an adequate amount of carbon to absorb toxic gases and odors, leaving a refreshing air quality. 

fire man walking on road with a pipe

Nursing Home 

The typical air quality of nursing homes is becoming a concern for staff and visitors. Medical treatment along with other processes causes a sharp and unpleasant odor, and on top of that, poor ventilation systems have added to the odor nuisance. The solution is to have an air purifier to remove odorEuromate Pure Air offers a complete solution for nursing homes with its VisionAir Blue Line Series. 

hands of an old person
a man performing physiotherapy on a woman's hand


Hospitals are known for their specific odor, which is usually from different sources. Fluids, chemicals, and other sterilization products make up the odor, and it usually contains bacteria and viruses. Since hospitals have enclosed spaces with poor ventilation systems, the threat of airborne diseases is always present, risking the health of patients, visitors, and staff.  

Our effective VisionAir Blue Line is an ideal choice to go for as it is efficient against odor. This plug & play, new-generation air cleaner purifies the air and optimizes the overall quality of indoor air in hospitals. It also contains UV-C light that sterilizes the air through the lamp and kills harmful bacteria. 

a man performing physiotherapy on a woman's hand

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurant and bar owners need to take care of any cooking odor that might be a cause of air pollution. Moreover, any smell from a commercial kitchen should not reach the dining area because it causes odor nuisance. Euromate Pure Air offers SF Kitchen Filtration series, which guarantees to filter 90% of the kitchen air. Our air purifier features electrostatic technology to remove even the smallest particles and provide a refreshing environment for staff and customers.

women working in a restuarant kitchen with air purifier for odor installed


Not all. It depends on the technology and the filter configuration. Euromate air purifiers feature activated Carbon filters which are completely capable of removing odor.

Euromate Pure Air is a leading supplier of modern air purification technology for commercial, medical, and industrial premises. Our air purifiers have been proven globally for odor and gas removal. Please check our case studies. 

Euromate Pure Air offers three air purifiers for odor removal – HF Industrial, SF Kitchen Filtration, and VisionAir Blue Line. All three air purifiers are equipped with the latest technology to filter by more than 90% and prevent odor nuisance to provide a healthy environment in industrial and commercial settings. 

All three air purifiers are different in terms of their air exchange rate and the areas of application. VisionAir Blue Line is usually installed in commercial settings, including hospitals, schools, and nursing homes to filter more than 90% of air and remove harmful odors, using the latest and high-quality carbon filters. HF Industrial is an ideal solution for industries as it has a higher volume of air intake. Lastly, SF Kitchen Filtration is specifically designed for commercial kitchens to remove cooking odors and oil fumes

Well, it depends on several factors such as the type of activities that take place in the area you are trying to clean, the size of the area, and so on. Please contact us with your requirements and our experts would be more than happy to assist. 

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