Commercial Air Purifiers

Stop exposing yourself and your guests to polluting dust particles and harmful aerosols

Our range of commercial purifiers is suited for almost every commercial space. All of our Air Purifiers are plug and play units with no ductwork required. They can be used in different filter combinations including  HEPA, Electrostatic, Silver Ion and Activated Carbon to deal with most kinds of airborne particles and aerosols. Our air purifiers are proven to eliminate Coronavirus particles from the air.

Suitable for Offices, Medical Centres, Schools, Shops, Meeting rooms, Gym, Sportsbar, events halls, restaurants, government facilities, public spaces, supermarkets, etc.


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Our Commercial Range

Equipped with a pre-filter and a certified HEPA 14 filter for effective cleaning of up to 99.995% of the suspended particulate and aerosols from the air. Suitable for large indoor spaces.

Filters 99% of the indoor air is filtered. Available in 7 Filter combinations for optimum indoor air quality. Suitable for small to medium indoor spaces. Can be used as a standalone unit or ceiling mounted.

Range of Filter combinations available


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