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7 Unique Filter Combinations to choose from to tackle different types of air pollution.


Euromate Pure Air is the exclusive supplier of leading commercial air purifiers in Australia because of its effective and research-proven air purification products. Whether you want to install an air purifier for smoke, odor, bacteria, viruses, or other airborne particles, none will do the job as perfectly as Euromate’s. 

Our high-quality air purifiers are specifically developed to capture fine airborne pollutants in the business environment due to their higher efficiency.

If you haven’t already installed one, Euromate Pure Air offers two commercial air purifiers Australia.  

Vision air blue line commercial air purifier Australia installed in an office


The engineering of our commercial air purifiers is backed by technology that you can trust to purify your indoor air.

Easy Operation

Our commercial air cleaners are easy to operate as they are plug & play units, which means no ductwork is required.


We are globally certified by SGS, VTT, and TNO. Our Vision Air Blue Line Series is also COVID-19 Quarantine Victoria (CQV) approved.

Energy Efficient

Our systems are energy efficient, thanks to the timer function and motion-detection technology so no more need

Protection against COVID-19

Our commercial air purifiers for Covid Australia feature HEPA 14 main filter, which is proven to fight against COVID particles.  



Studies have provided multiple pieces of evidence that poor air quality can substantially impact the learning performance of students. Unfortunately, 80 percent of schools have unhealthy air indoors, and considering the reopening of schools amid the pandemic, the concern is growing amongst parents and teachers. 

However, our proven commercial air purifiers for Covid Australia can fight the common bacteria and viruses, including the Coronavirus. Our new generation commercial air cleaning systems – PAS 3300 and VisionAir Blue Line are proven to purify unhealthy environments, providing classrooms with a pleasant, safe, and clean ambiance.



Tackling airborne pollution within office spaces has never been easier. Whether you are looking for a commercial air purification system to eliminate smoke, allergens, dust particles, aerosols, or the COVID-19, our PAS 3300 and VisionAir Blue Line Series are robust air cleaning systems designed to tackle any kind of air pollutant due to their next-gen air exchange feature and multi-phase air filtration 

Also, you can keep up with the intricate décor of your workspace as these feature sleek and cutting-edge designs. Installing Euromate Pure Air’s filtration units will ultimately improve your company’s output by reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity.



We all know how bothering the odor in laboratories could get, especially in a dental lab that uses plastic and monomers. The consistent use of these materials leads to the buildup of air pollutants, leading to poor and unhealthy indoor air quality for the lab staff and visitors. As a result, it can cause allergic reactions.

Our next-generation air purifiers are not only designed to filter unpleasant odors and fine particles but can also remove harmful aerosols including the COVID-19 particles from the indoor air.  

While the commercial air purification system filters out particulate matter, they blow fresh and pure air back into the space. For dental labs, our cleaners specifically feature a CarbonMax filter to capture gases and odors through carbon. However, HEPA 13 and HEPA 14 filters are also available.

Woman performing dental procedure
Daycare BelleFleur


Daycare centers must have good ventilation and air filtration systems to avoid any inconvenience for children spending their day. Also, parents out there must be worry-free to leave their kids for the day.

Unhealthy indoor air quality can lead to severe consequences for children as they are comparatively sensitive to adults. The solution is simple – contact us to get our robust commercial air purification system installed on your premise. Our commercial air cleaning systems are tough enough to extract micro-organisms, bacteria, and viruses from the environment.

Daycare BelleFleur


What comes first in your mind when you hear about medical centers? Unpleasant odor? Unhealthy air quality polluted with bacteria and viruses? Risk of Coronavirus transmission? Unfortunately, all of these pollutants are common in medical centers due to routine operations and the state in which patients visit them.  

As a result, your staff and visitors might experience allergic reactions, breathing problems and are at a high risk of getting infected with airborne viruses. So, what can you do? Install our VisionAir Blue Line or PAS 3300 in your medical centers to make your environment odor-free, clean and fresh. Their robust technology can purify up to 99.995% of the suspended particulate and aerosols from the air.

Senior couple with face masks sitting in a waiting room of a hospital


A commercial air purification system is specifically designed to provide clean and pure air to commercial spaces. Unlike domestic air cleaners, commercial air filtration systems usually feature a combination of filters and have higher air changes in a given time. As a result, these air purifiers can cater to the large movement of people and routine operations common in commercial areas.

Euromate commercial air purifiers also offer HEPA filters to fight against harmful bacteria and viruses including the novel coronavirus, thus making your business premise a safer place. Commercial air purifying systems have vast applications across the industry, including schools, hospitals, medical centers, and many more. In a nutshell, these units are robust enough to extract dust particles, fumes, micro-organisms, and odors.

There are several reasons to invest in commercial air filtration for your business. Firstly, there is a significant relationship between indoor air quality and the productivity level of employees. In this regard, studies have suggested that poor indoor air leads to fatigue and dizziness. Secondly, it increases the safety of your visitors and employees. With an air filtration system, you can remove harmful aerosols, allergens, bacteria, and dust from your commercial space. Thus, saving people from experiencing breathing, asthmatic, and nauseating problems. Most importantly, in these COVID times, you can reduce the risk of Coronavirus transmission as our Euromate Pure Air Purifiers are proven to tackle it.

Euromate is a leading supplier of commercial air purifiers in Australia. To cater to different business and commercial needs, we have specifically designed two of the most intelligent systems that perform efficiently in commercial spaces – PAS 3300 and VisionAir Blue Line. Both of these units are plug-and-play units which means they can easily fit in any business premise without requiring any ductwork.

Euromate has pioneered the commercial air filtration space with its state-of-the-art air purification technology. For more than a decade, we have assisted and supplied hundreds of clients so that they can choose to provide their workforce and visitors with a fresh ambiance. Our engineers provide a complete guide even post-purchase which is one of the USPs we commit to deliver.

Being the leading supplier of commercial air purifiers in Australia, our products are tested, verified, and approved by top-notch global testing facilities. We have set a global benchmark of quality and the best-in-class air filtration services in commercial settings. 

The world’s reputable organizations, including The Netherlands Organization and VTT Technical Research Center of Finland, have approved VisionAir Blue Line to be effective against the novel coronavirus.  PAS 3300, on the other hand, is SGS-certified for its effectiveness and performance against COVID-19. Similarly, Vision Air Blue Line Series is COVID-19 Quarantine Victoria (CQV) Approved. To learn more about our certifications, click here

Unlike typical filters, Euromate air purifiers are equipped with HEPA filters that are a strong warrior in shielding against the contagious coronavirus that is proven to remain in the air for up to 3 hours in form of small droplets.  

HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters that can capture particles of size 0.01 microns whereas, the virus that causes COVID-19 is around 0.125 microns. Therefore, this indicates that these filters are highly efficient and can be used to remove ultra-fine particles in a commercial setting. All commercial air purifiers are tested and research-proven against Coronavirus particles.

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