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Logistics warehouse with parcels

The indoor air in a logistics hall including storage, transhipment and warehouse suffers from various sources of pollution. The formation of swirling, precipitating dust is a common phenomenon in logistics due to the nature of routine operations. It has adverse consequences on the health of personnel and business processes. Therefore, it is critical to improving the quality of indoor air in logistics hall.

reduces wood dust by over 90%.

lower cleaning costs,

less absence due to illness

better quality of work environment.

A plug-and-play solution for the logistics hall

Especially for logistics, Euromate has designed two dust extractors (Aircleaner HF and Dust Free Industrial 8500). They are plug-and-play units that draw in the air and filter it the electrostatic filter (removes the particles up to 0.01 micron). After filtration, the cleaned air gets blown back into the workplace immediately, therefore there is no need for additional duct pipes.

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Removes (fine)dust, smoke and oil particles in industrial buildings.

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