Reduce Pollution from Dust and other particulates.

Particulate and dust pollution are commonly experienced in logistics and industrial organisations and can have wide-ranging and serious effects on the health of your employees. In the production and transport industries, employees must deal with sawdust, fine particulate, dry particulate, and general dust pollution in the air. Along with these, Particulates released during the production process of materials including wood, concrete and metal can be effectively managed with Euromate’s professional particulate extraction solution.

Tackling Particulate pollution is easy with an effective air cleaning solution from Euromate Pure Air.

An effective approach to this problem is a professional particulate extraction solution from Euromate. Euromate offers high-quality air-cleaning products for particulate extraction, with an appropriate solution for every situation, from industrial warehouse particulate extraction to air cleaners for offices and smaller spaces.


Clean interior air for a healthier working environment

Savings of up to 70% on cleaning costs

Savings of up to 30% on energy consumption and maintenance costs

Reduced absence due to illness – as much as 40%

Suggested Products

Vision Air Blue Line air purifier for smoke

VisionAir Blue Line air cleaner

Prevent polluted indoor air from threatening your health.

HF Industrial Air Cleaner

HF Industrial Aircleaner

Removes (fine)dust, smoke and oil particles in industrial buildings.

Dust Free Industrial air purifier

Dust Free Industrial 8500

Dust Free Industrial, control your Industrial dust

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