High-quality Air Purifier For Dust And Dust Mites

Particulate and dust pollution are commonly experienced in commercial and industrial organisations and can have wide-ranging effects on the health of your employees and your visitors. Sources suggest that overexposure to dust build-up can cause respiratory illnesses, skin issues and cerebral complications. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also states that dust particles are small yet powerful enough to affect nasal passages and lungs.  

To overcome the issue, you need a purifier that extracts dust and all the contaminants from your indoor space. Euromate Pure Air offers a professional particulate extraction solution for every situation, from industrial warehouse particulate extraction to air cleaners for offices and smaller spaces. Our certified air purification technology provides a higher Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) and efficiency rate, guaranteeing air filtration of up to 99.95 per cent. 

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Euromate Pure Air Providing Solutions to Your Dust Problems

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Our air purifiers are proven effective in removing dust precipitation, dust mites and floating dust with maximum efficiency. The following are four of the air purifiers from our range that selectively target dust particles:

Dust Free Industrial 8500

Dust Free Industrial 8500 features a modular and scalable design and is suitable for industrial halls, logistics facilities and warehouses. It ensures the reduction of fine dust by up to 90 per cent. The innovative filtration technology allows optimal air distribution, which leads to significant energy savings.

HF Industrial Air Filtration system

HF Series

HF-Series is engineered for industrial environments. It filters more than 90 per cent of the air and saves up to 30 per cent on cleaning costs. While the series contains three variants to offer customizable solutions, HFE and HFM tackle suspended dust particles using innovative filtration technology.  

HF Industrial Air Filtration system

VisionAir Blue Line

It is a made-to-measure plug & play air purifier for dust that features seven filter combinations to filter 99 per cent of the indoor air. The Dust Free filter combination extracts invisible dust particles from the air. It also has the option to add a dust sensor that measures the dust concentration in the air and automatically turns the air purifier on and off.  

Pure Air Shield 3300 Air Cleaner

PAS 3300

Suitable for large spaces, the Pure Air Shield (PAS) 3300 is an SGS-certified technology proven to tackle dust, viruses and bacteria. The plug-and-play system’s basic setting provides five air exchanges in an hour. Its low noise level and efficiency make it ideal for offices, gyms, canteens, event halls and indoor public areas. 

Pure Air Shield 3300 Air Cleaner

Benefits of Dust Extraction

Clean Interior Air for a Healthier Working Environment

Reduced Absence

Reduced absence due to illness – as much as 40%

Energy Saving 

Savings of up to 30% on energy consumption and maintenance costs  

Cost Saving 

Savings of up to 70% on cleaning costs  

Areas of Application


Dust build-up can hinder the performance of your machines and cover ventilation ducts. Euromate air filtration systems, like DFI 8500 and HF Industrial, provide a dust-free environment by removing particles by more than 90 per cent.

Clean Air at Work


Dust build-up can severely degrade the air quality of your office. The accumulation of dust in the environment can impact employees’ mood and productivity. VisionAir Blue Line and Pas 3300 are effective air purifiers for dust pollution that keeps the indoor environment of your office dust-free.

Clean Air at Work


Fine dust particles in warehouses are a particular issue because they can affect lungs. In this case, Dust Free Industrial 8500 is an effective air purifier for dust mites that filters 90 per cent of the polluted air.

Industrial air purifier in Schroth industry


Dust in the production environment damages human health and disrupts machine performance. Routine processes in manufacturing businesses accumulate dust daily. DFI 8500 and HF Industrial deal with fine dust particles, provide a safe breathing environment and reduce machine downtime.

Industrial air purifier in Schroth industry

Medical Centres

Effective dust control is an integral part of cleaning strategies in healthcare facilities. Dust build-up may seem innocuous, but it can be fatal for patients and staff. Our air purifier for dust mites ensures maximum safety for patients and staff by minimizing dust from the environment and providing cleaner air with multiple exchanges every hour.

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Dust can have different health impacts on humans, such as a runny nose, burning eyes and sneezing. However, this is a mild case of dust allergy. In severe cases, exposure to dust can lead to asthma attacks, eczema and long-term lung congestion. 

According to the EPA, air purifiers with a HEPA filter tend to be the best in dust extraction because they are known to extract 99.97 per cent of dust particles.   

The DFI series is designed mainly for dust pollution in larges areas as it can filter a high volume of air over a given period. The HF series offers more of a customizable solution to tackle different kinds of air pollution including dust in large spaces. 

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Euromate Pure Air has been in the air filtration business for more than 45 years, which gives us a competitive edge over other players in the industry. Our air purifiers tackle dust with maximum efficiency and provide cost-optimization benefits for our commercial and industrial clients.  

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