Air Purifier for Smoke: Guarantees a Safer Commercial Working Environment

Poor indoor quality is one of the main concerns for commercial businesses. Inadequacy of pure indoor air leads to elevated health issues, lower productivity of your employees, and an overall unsafe indoor environment. Dealing with any of these problems? 

Then choose Euromate’s air purifier for smoke, an efficient product to counter all your smoke-related issues. 

Additionally, sufficient measures must be taken to meet the compliance standards for smoke management in commercial facilities. Failure to do so can lead to unwanted consequences for your business. Only an air purifier that can eliminate the pollution related to the smoke can help you. 

Euromate’s Vision Air BlueLine is a highly efficient filtration system against smoke particles that ensures smooth running of the business. 

VisionAir Blue Line: Perfect Air Purifier for Smoke in Commercial Sector

Operational smoke is hazardous for your employees who are directly exposed to it. Commercial activities such as welding, combustion and heating are just a few examples that cause smoke to liberate various harmful substances and make a contaminated working environment. 

Exposure to smoke for an extended period also affects the appearance of the building from the inside, making it look dirty. It is a big problem for your business if it has incoming customers such as in a bar or restaurant.

Vision Air Blue Line air purifier for smoke

However, with Euromate VisionAir Blue Line, our energy-efficient air purifier for smoke, you can filter up to 99% of indoor air for healthier and cleaner indoor space for your employees and your visitors. It not only offers safety to your visitors but also reduces maintenance costs. We also offer high-quality air purifier for cooking smoke to assist in professional kitchens. 

Vision Air Blue line comes with a sleek and stylish design and is a plug and play unit. This means you do not need to spend extra money on maintaining the aesthetics of your space. It is equipped with a built-in motion sensor that automatically turns the unit off if no movement is detected, thus reducing energy consumption.  Whether you want it for your employees or your visitors, Euromate’s Vision Air Purifier is a perfect solution for you. 

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Benefits of Smoke Extraction

Smoke extraction is an ideal way to eliminate particle contaminants, harmful gases, and irritating odors. We offer a high-quality air purifier for smoke that can help you in several ways such as: 

Air Purifier for Cooking Smoke 

Restaurant kitchens are busy spaces in which delicious dishes are made throughout the day. Despite the exhaust systems and HVAC installed in the kitchen, the fumes and cooking smell affects the ambience and the safety of the customers and employees. 

To deal with this problem, Vision Air Blueline air purifier for cooking smoke can be equipped with a carbon filter that traps and absorbs the fumes and keeps a constant flow of fresh air in the space. 

If you are looking for a purifier for a professional kitchen, contact us today. 


Air Purifier for Smoke Haze 

Smoke haze aggravates the symptoms of cough, shortness of breath, and the feeling of tiredness and weakness. The symptoms of a few minutes of smoke haze exposure are temporary and do not have lasting effects. But if the haze particles are smaller than 2.5 microns in size and there is a long-term exposure, then the results could be worse. 

This is because these particles can easily be inhaled which can result in the infection of the respiratory system and lung-related disorders. In such conditions, the use of an air purifier for smoke becomes necessary as it can effectively address the smoke haze problem to render a clean environment. 


Air Purifier for Fire Smoke 

Toxic substances and smoke smell suspended in the air of a fire station pose a substantial health hazard to the firefighters and other workers. These contaminants are often through the uniforms of the workers or the fire brigades when they come back to the station after extinguishing the fire. 

In both the short and long term, this poor air quality can harm the lungs and may cause breathing problems and allergic reactions. Moreover, if the contaminants are combustible, they must be removed to reduce the fire hazard in the fire station. 

That’s why it is important to promote a safe environment in the fire stations. Euromates’ Vision Air Blue Line is designed to trap these fine particles of fire smoke from the area to keep the unwanted effects of smoke at bay.

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Air purifiers are not designed to directly remove the smoke in case of a fire and shall never be used for that purpose. Their main purpose is to eliminate the smoke contaminants that may be present in the environment due to nearby activities

Along with the Vision Air Blue Line, which is mainly for commercial premises, HF industrial can be used for Industrial smoke. For professional kitchens, the SF Kitchen air purifier for cooking smoke series is recommended. Vision Air Blue Line is mainly used to tackle smoke problems in offices, waiting areas, bars, clubs, etc. 

Our team of air purifications engineers performs a complete assessment of your premise. Factors such as the dimensions of the area, type of activity, current HVAC situation, etc. are taken into consideration. Once this is complete, they recommend the most suitable air purifier for you. Please feel free to call us on the number above or leave and inquiry an inquiry to book a free consultation session with our team. 

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