SF Kitchen Air Filtration

SF Kitchen Air Filtration

Kitchen Air Filtration

The Euromate Kitchen Air Filtration system filters grease, smoke and soot particles, which are common in professional kitchens, before they enter the ventilation system. This allows in dealing with the fire hazard associated with flammable particles, saves on maintenance costs and keeps the surrounding area free of cooking odours.

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SF product types

SFP – Pre filter; captures larger grease and water particles SFM – Media filter; extra pre-filter for (even) smaller grease and water particles SFE – Electrostatic filter; removes smallest particles SFC – Activated carbon filter; removes odours and gases SFF – Ventilator; Provides the airflow and sucks the polluted ai

How does the SF work?

Inside the SF, first the contaminated air passes through a mechanical pre-filter which filters out the coarse particles. The air then goes through the ionisation section where the remaining small particles are electrically charged. The contaminated air then passes through the collector unit where the electrically charged particles will attach themselves to grounded panels. Before the air enters the ventilation duct, a final mechanical filter ensures a balanced air outlet.

Does the SFE need maintenance?

When saturated, the electrostatic filter can be cleaned and reused. Therefore, the SFE is advantageous as compared to systems with non-reusable, mechanical filters. For optimal use of the air cleaner, regular maintenance by a professional is recommended. Various maintenance agreements are possible depending on the filter choice and the degree of air pollution.

Is the SF suitable for you?

The SF absorbs the very smallest grease and soot particles. It is also capable of reducing fire risks and in removing unpleasant odours which makes it the perfect solution for every professional kitchen.

What are the options for the SF?

The units can easily be assembled in line – on top of or behind each other – which gives you the possibility of installing the most effective filter combination to suit your individual needs. Options for the SF relate to integrated pre- and final filters, oil drainer, and remote control. Also, the odour filter system SFC can be installed seamlessly behind the SFE.

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