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    What does Euromate Pure Air do? Our goal is to help organisations and people improve the indoor air quality around them. We believe that clean indoor air is a substantial right for everyone and the basis for a happy healthy life. 

    Our consultants get many questions about how a working environment can be made COVID-19 safe in terms of ventilation and clean air. Using Euromate’s VisionAir Blue Line MicrobeFree Global system and with regular maintenence your working environment and staff can be protected from COVID-19 by removing the aerosols that carry the particles from the air before it is circulated back through the space. To understand this solution in more detail, please contact Euromate Pure Air for more information.


    Depending on a range of factors including pollution type, location size and configuration, and budget there are a number of options available to solve your air purification needs. We are happy to discuss this with you, by telephone or on location to give the best advice and find a solution that works for you.

    Each air cleaner is made and modified for the specific solution of the organisation. Therefore, delivery time depends on the complexity of the order and can vary greatly. To find out more about the timeline of your delivery contact your dealer manager.

    Yes, it’s ok to run your cleaner 24/7. Some air cleaners can be programmed to ensure that the indoor air is cleaned extra or less at the times you want. Speak to your dealer manager to include these capabilities in your solution.

    We have an extensive dealership network across Australia and the South Pacific to service all your air purification needs. To find a dealer near you visit the dealership tab on the Euromate Pure Air website

    To become a member of the Euromate Pure Air dealership network in Australia and the South Pacific please submit an enquiry via the contact us page to discuss your options.