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Various areas of a retail shop (including stockroom, storage area, warehouse, etc.) are subject to various sources of pollution. The food items being sold and the customer movement in the shop lead to the formation of dust. Similarly, for the food products industry, the hygiene-related (HACCP) laws are strict. The tasks involved in the production and preparation of the food products must be performed in a hygienic manner. Therefore, the dust particles must be controlled to ensure food safety, the health of workers and to avoid machine malfunctions. The negative consequences are significant for the hygiene of the products (HACCP), the customer (image) and the health of the personnel. Therefore, dust extraction in the shop and in the food industry is a necessity.

Reduce dust by 90%

lower cleaning costs

less absence due to illness

better quality of work environment.

Higher productivity: personnel are less fatigued at the end of the day

Fresh, inviting hall for personnel and customers

Solution by Euromate Pure Air

Especially for the retail and food products sector, Euromate has designed a dust extraction system. This is known as HFE, which reduces the quantity of dust by more than 90%. The HFE is a multi-stage system, with the main filter (electrostatic filter) that cleans the polluted air. The clean air is blown back into the room, so there is no need for pipes or ductwork. The Euromate HFE is stand-alone, plug-and-play and versatile.

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