Pure Air Shield 3300 Air Cleaner

Pure Air Shield 3300 Air Cleaner

PAS 3300 is engineered to purify the air in large settings. The air cleaner system features a certified HEPA 14 filter and a pre-filter to reduce air contamination and remove airborne virus particles with 99.995% efficiency.

PAS 3300 has also been proven to remove suspended aerosols that carry COVID-19, creating a safe breathing environment for all.  

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PAS 3300 exchanges air five times per hour on the basic setting. The number of air exchanges within a room depends on a few factors, including the number of people in the area, their length of stay, the type of movement, and the condition of the existing ventilation system.


air circulation in an indoor space with people


  • Offices 
  • Medical waiting and treatment rooms 
  • Children’s daycare centers 
  • Care homes 
  • Canteens 
  • Sports schools 
  • Restaurants 
  • Shops 
  • Supermarkets 
  • Halls 
  • Government facilities 
  • Spaces in religious buildings 
  • Public spaces 



  • Easy to install and operate with its plug & play feature 
  • Features a timer function for energy efficiency 
  • Comes with a one-year warranty  
  • Removes suspended virus particles with robust efficiency 
  • Is certified with SGS 
  • Is sustainable with products made from recycled PET bottles 
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