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Improve the air quality in your office

Does your office suffer with polluted indoor air? Stop exposing your workforce and your guests to polluting dust particles, viruses, allergens, and odors. Ensure good and healthy air quality with Euromate Pure Air solutions for cleaner indoor air.

No more problems with unpleasant odours and Dust

Fresh and accessible office space.

Higher productivity: staff is less tired at the end of the day.

Lower absenteeism; less headache, problems with concentration

Euromate’s Solution to clean office air

Euromate’s VisionAir Blue Line air cleaner is the perfect solution for offices facing indoor air quality issues. The stylish design of the VisionAir Blue Line air cleaner fits into any interior as it can be installed on the ceiling, on the wall, or on a mobile display. The air cleaner makes little noise and is very user-friendly in terms of operation. It works with unique combinations of filters to tackle different pollution types:

  • DustFree: tackle (in)visible (fine) dust
  • MicrobeFree: filter viruses and bacteria from the air
  • GasFree: tackle harmful gases and the Sick Building Syndrome
  • OdourFree: prevent odours from getting stuck

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Prevent polluted indoor air from threatening your health.

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