Dust Free Industrial

Dust Free Industrial

The Euromate Dust Free Industrial (DFI) 8500’s technology is based on an innovative filtration, allowing the air cleaner to distribute clean air in a continuous cycle. It ensures a dust reduction up to 90% at logistic, production and industrial workplaces. The DFI 8500 not only guarantees a dust-free environment but also reduces costs on several different levels.


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Reducing dust is an all-around win

A clean, dust-free working environment leads to fewer machine failures, less absenteeism and lower cleaning and maintenance costs. In addition, because of optimum air circulation, the s DFI 8500 contributes to lower energy consumption.



Smart, autonomous design

· An intelligent measurement and control system guarantees a continuous capacity, regardless of whether the filter is empty or almost full.

· SmartGrid and SmartThrust allow in cleaning hard-to-reach places.

· Auto-recognition of filter and automatic adjustment for optimum operation.

· Simple control via the touchscreen.

· LED indicator to display the status of the device.

Is the DFI suitable for you?

This Industrial air cleaner filters dust in production, logistic and Industrial environments such as:

· Workplaces

· Retail business

· Construction markets

· Wholesalers

· Distribution centres

· Warehouses



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