VisionAir Blue Line Air Cleaner

VisionAir Blue Line Air Cleaner

VisionAir Blue Line

Don’t expose yourself, your employees and your visitors to the polluting dust particles, bacteria, viruses, allergens and odours in the air. The VisionAir Blue Line allows in tackling any problem with the indoor air. Depending on the room size and the specific pollutants, the VisionAir Blue Line offers a perfect made-to-measure plug & play solution.


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Choose a unique filter combination

The VisionAir Blue Line offers different versions of filters which can be used in unique combinations to tackle different kinds of air pollution.

Dustfree: gets rid of (in)visible (fine)dust.

MicrobeFree: filters viruses and bacteria out of the air.

GasFree: combats harmful gases and the ‘sick building syndrome’.

SmokeFree: cleans the air in smoking rooms.

OdourFree: prevents unpleasant and intrusive odours from hanging in the air.


  • Provides a fresh and pleasant working environment
  • Contributes to better health
  • Results in higher Productivity and Absenteeism
  • Leads to fewer headaches, concentration problems, fatigue and throat and nose complaints

Suitable for…

The VisionAir Blue Line is suitable for medium to large locations. Due to the unique filter combinations, the air cleaner can be widely used. It can be installed on the ceiling and on the wall, or you can simply choose a mobile stand.

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