Why SMEs Are Still Being Hit By COVID-19 Waves And Tips On How To Virus-Proof Your Office.  

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Since COVID-19 halted operations in 2020, small businesses have suffered. ABC surveyed more than 40 companies and employers to record their COVID-19 workplace policies. The survey concluded that despite the end of the mandatory isolation period, organizations do not want sick people around.

Therefore, organizations have implemented a work-from-home policy for employees who work on laptops or computers and a mandatory isolation period of five days for employees with COVID-19 symptoms. 

Amidst all the chaos, making office workers feel safe and ensuring your workplace stays virus-proof is a real challenge. The impact of COVID-19 on small businesses in the past resulted in terrible losses.

However, you still have the opportunity to ensure safety and seamless operations as COVID-19 sticks around.  

The Risk of Virus Transmission in Enclosed Spaces 

If you think compliance with the Building Decree requirements is sufficient for your workplace to remain virus and contaminant-free, you are wrong.

There are still risks of transmission between employees, whenever an infected person sneezes or coughs in the shared air, the droplets emit and hang in the air for hours.  

Should We Open Windows and Doors?

We often see people opening windows and doors for natural air to come through, but is it good or bad? While outside air does ventilate the space and provide fresh air, it cannot make your office virus-proof primarily because outdoor air also brings in pollutants, and once you close the windows, contaminants are trapped indoors. Creating twice the pollution.

Investing in a Good Air Purifier is the Key 

Many SME owners think an HVAC system is sufficient to clean the indoor air. The reality is that air conditioners do not clean the air before recirculating into the room or bringing in air from outside.

Airborne viruses still hang in the environment, causing a threat of transmission to occupants. In this case, the installation of a certified air purifier, containing a HEPA filter, is crucial. 

If you want to minimize the impact of COVID-19 on your small businesses, the best route is to invest in a good air purifier.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that the air purifier you choose should be able to tackle airborne viruses and bacteria with the ability to change the air in your space at least 5 times an hour.  

Minimize the Impact of COVID-19 on Small Businesses with Euromate Pure Air 

While keeping an eye on asymptomatic employees and rolling out precautionary measures across the organization is important, installing an air purifier is, too.

Euromate Pure Air’s VisionAir Blue Line is a robust air purifier with certifications that prove it is effective against COVID-19 virus particles.

It has a HEPA filter that filters the air with 99.95 per cent efficiency. The air purifier also comes in a mobile version for added convenience. 

For any query regarding our VisionAir Blue Line air purifier, contact our air specialists via our website today.

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