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man coughing in a hospital without medical air purifier

Indoor air pollution is becoming a rising concern in publicly used areas, especially as societies continue to establish herd immunity to COVID-19.

Maintaining good indoor air quality is not an option anymore. But with the growing inflation, one question you might be wondering is if investing in an air purifier is worth your hard-earned money.

The answer is yes; Air purifiers have become an absolute necessity in order to keep indoor environments, with little to no ventilation, safe for the public, your workers, your students, or customers to be in. 

Air purifiers with HEPA filters are not a marketing gimmick; the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has backed their effectiveness.

The regulatory body suggests that indoor air is five times more polluted than outdoor air. In this case, careful air quality management is fundamental.

Researchers have proved the effectiveness of air purifiers and their role in mitigating human health risks. We have also crafted this blog post to discuss why your patrons and yourself will benefit from setting a ventilation plan and using air purifiers. 

You have Allergies or Respiratory Problems

Most of us spend 80% of our time inside, at home, or in our workplace. Consequently, it leads to prolonged exposure to particulate matter in the indoor environment.

Dust mites, pollen, and pet dander present indoors can aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms. However, an effective air purifier with a HEPA filter can capture these contaminants from the environment and reduce symptoms.

According to a 2018 study, an air purifier featuring a HEPA filter improved allergic rhinitis symptoms by diluting the concentration of contaminants present in people’s bedrooms. Another 2018 study suggested that air purifiers with HEPA filters relieved asthma aggravated by dust mites. One thing, however, to note is that only go for air purifiers with HEPA filters and not HEPA-like filters. 

You Work or Live in a Crowded and Shared Environment 

Long before COVID, workplaces, and residences relied primarily on natural ventilation to replace stale air and feel fresh. However, when the pandemic struck, it was found that indoor air was the main culprit in the virus transmission due to it being airborne.

Initially, natural ventilation did play a role, but the risk of outdoor pollutants entering the indoor space only added to the issue.

Later, research pieces surfaced, and scientists suggested installing air purifiers with a HEPA filter for adequate ventilation, specifically in a highly-occupied environment. Even when people are ditching masks and physical distance, air purifiers are a great way to increase ventilation in a shared space.

Several air purifier benefits also include increased worker productivity, improved overall health and well-being, and reduced risk of transmissible diseases and illness. 

You Would Like to Reduce the Risk of Influenza and Corona Virus Transmission 

Research studies declared coronavirus to be airborne. It means that when a person coughs or sneezes in the shared environment, others in the room can catch the virus because it travels in the air via tiny respiratory droplets.

Actions had to be in place to mitigate the risk considering the severity of the global health emergency. Several studies proved the effectiveness of air purifiers in filtering out virus particles. One such study conducted in a hospital crowded with COVID patients confirmed that air filters effectively reduced the risk of patients and medical staff contracting the virus. However, air purifiers with standard filters won’t be effective; only the ones featuring HEPA filters will remove airborne viruses and bacteria from the environment with more than 99 percent efficiency. 

You Own a Warehouse or Manufacturing Center  

Warehouses are notorious for poor indoor air quality because of suspended dust particles. Accumulated dust particles can later adversely impact workers’ health and cause disruptions in daily operations. The first step in maintaining the hygiene of a warehouse or manufacturing center is to install a high-performing air purifier. One of the air purifier benefits is that it will extract dust and facilitate ventilation as these sites are usually tightly packed with no spot for fresh air to sweep in. Euromate Pure Air offers two dust extractors for spaces like these. The main benefit is that it filters out dust and dirt buildup and provides purification with its electrostatic technology. As a result, you will witness fewer absentees and improved productivity. 

You Own a Commercial Kitchen 

Air quality management is fundamental to improving customer experience in a commercial kitchen. It is crucial to have a proper filtration system to remove odor nuisance, smoke, and oil mists to protect your staff and customers. There is also a high risk of fire hazards, pest infestation, and clogged ducts if there is no room for ventilation. Euromate’s SF Kitchen Filtration System effectively tackles all the listed issues using its electrostatic technology. To effectively remove gas and odor nuisance and purify the air, there is also an option to add an activated carbon filter with the filtration system.

 The Bottom Line

Air management is crucial these days. If you are looking forward to improving your indoor air quality and your health and well-being, air purification technology is a priority investment.

There are several air purifier benefits, but one of the mains is its ability to dilute the concentration of virus particles and protect against harmful contaminants.

While there are many air purifiers on the market, specifically after the pandemic emerged, you have to do your own research on which is the best buy. Always check for HEPA filters and not HEPA-like. If you are interested in knowing what air purifier benefits Euromate Pure Air is offering, feel free to speak with one of our indoor air quality experts. 

Clean your indoor air today!