What Causes Indoor Air Pollutants?

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The concept of pollution is not new; it has been studied and witnessed in various forms, such as air pollution (outdoor and indoor), water pollution and noise pollution. Indoor air pollution is considered the most severe and harmful to human health out of all the types. Polluted air might carry dust, smoke, vapours, and dirt, which leads to various diseases and viruses.

Indoor air pollution sparked waves of concern and interest during the pandemic. Researchers also geared up to study the phenomenon and found that poor indoor air quality remains one of the leading causes of rapid virus transmission.

Causes of Indoor Air Pollution

Since urbanized locations are often a systematically developed array of concrete structures, managing indoor air freshness has become a significant challenge. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of the causes of indoor air pollution to understand the management and maintenance of indoor air freshness. 

Smoke Pollution  

Smoke accumulation leads to poor indoor air quality. The most common sources of smoke pollution are cigars, cigarettes and pipes. They are known to be one of the most toxic indoor air pollutants. There are close to 7,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke, and upon inhalation, it can cause heart disease and other health-related consequences. Moreover, according to We Forum, secondhand tobacco smoke is an equally dangerous indoor pollutant. Human exposure to secondhand tobacco can result in lung cancer, which can eventually be fatal.  

Vapor Pollution  

The presence of toxic volatile organic compounds in the indoor space is also a cause of poor indoor air quality. The key sources of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are body sprays, air fresheners, insecticides, pesticides and daily-use cleaning products. The presence of VOCs is toxic to human health and can cause several short- and long-term health problems, such as headache, liver damage, asthma and cancer. 


Dampness and Humidity 

In many urbanized neighbourhoods, dampness and humidity are considered a significant challenge. Due to low exposure to sunlight, residential spaces with high dampness and humidity also face problems related to mould growth. The presence of an indoor space leads to several health issues, such as allergies and respiratory illnesses. People with a weak immune system and pre-existing medical issues are highly susceptible to health problems due to mould exposure.


Pets and Animals 

Many families are fond of keeping pets. They are close companions and serve as a significant part of households. But, many are also unaware of the air pollution that comes with pets inside a house. The saliva and fur of the animals can result in the spread of bacteria and allergens that can be a cause of great pain for the family. Upon inhalation, these allergens can develop symptoms of asthma, fever and allergies.


We discussed a few causes of indoor air pollution, which has led to the conclusion that we must keep an eye on the hygiene of our internal environment at all times and take all necessary corrective measures to protect our loved ones.  

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor air quality is a problem that can be managed if active steps are taken towards managing it. Some are recommended below: 


Improve Ventilation  

To ensure a continuous air flow within your indoor space, install or develop adequate ventilation spots. Proper ventilation measures mitigate contaminated air and dilute higher concentrations of pollutants in the environment. 


Use Organic Products  

To combat the presence of toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs), you must replace disinfectants and cleaning products with organic ones. Also, DIY your fresheners to avoid VOC emissions.  


Use Air Purifiers  

The mentioned causes of indoor air pollution highlight a need for 24/7 protection from air impurities. Air purifiers can prove to be an effective solution for this need. These can be a good way of ensuring that your indoor air quality is always maintained. Air purifiers from Euromate Pure Air feature efficient cleaning technology with HEPA filters to combat air pollutants with 99.995 per cent efficiency.   


Should you need more information, you may contact us, and we will connect you with an indoor air quality expert.

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