The Negative Effects Of CO2 Indoors And The Solution For Minimizing

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co2 impact on child crying, distressed man and woman

CO2 is a colourless and odourless gas that is harmless in a normal concentration range. When a person exhales carbon dioxide, they also release aerosols into the air during exhalation.

Aerosols are droplets as small as 0.3 microns that travel and can hang in the air for extended hours. The production of CO2 and aerosols increases as people engage in different activities, such as talking, whispering and singing.

Stats suggest whispering releases 6x more aerosols while singing 250x more. 

Types of CO2 Concentrations 

There are two types of carbon dioxide concentrations. The first is CO2 concentration released by human activities, which includes deforestation and fossil fuels. It accounts for 77 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions.

The production of these emissions degrades the environment and increases the risk of global warming.

The second is CO2 concentration released by human respiration, which does not lead to global warming.

However, the concentration indicates the quality of indoor air. 


Typical Concentration of CO2 in the Indoor Environment 

The concentration of CO2 in the outdoor environment is approximately 400 ppm or higher in industrial or heavy-traffic areas.

Different factors impact CO2 concentration in the indoor environment, such as the number of occupants, the size of the room and the amount of outdoor air entering the room.

Generally, CO2 concentrations in the indoor environment are between 350 ppm and 2500 ppm; however, authorities like ANSES recommend keeping the concentration levels below 1000 ppm in public spaces to avoid CO2 impact.  

Why CO2 Concentration Measurement is Important in Indoor Air 

Here are a few reasons why measuring CO2 concentration in indoor air is important for you. 

CO2 is Fatal 

Higher concentrations of carbon dioxide can be fatal for humans. Levels higher than 20,000 ppm lead to panting, while more than 100,000 ppm lead to unconsciousness. CO2 concentrations greater than 250,000 lead to death.


CO2 is Higher in Poorly-Ventilated Rooms 

Studies show that concentrations of CO2 spread rapidly in rooms with poor ventilation. Levels can rise to more than 1000 ppm within 45 minutes in a room with no ventilation. Surveys have discovered that public places have CO2 levels higher than 2,000 ppm, which is quite a high figure that can lead to an adverse CO2 impact. 


CO2 is Threatening in Some Enclosed Spaces 

CO2 is higher in some locations due to poor ventilation, such as hospitals and manufacturing sites. Therefore, monitoring CO2 levels in these enclosed spaces is crucial to reducing negative impacts such as drowsiness and decrease cognitive performance, as well as more life-threatening outcomes. 


Measure CO2 Levels with Euromate CO2 Monitor 

Euromate Pure Air presents Air-box, a CO2 monitor that features multifunction detection of CO2, PM1.0, PM 2.5 and PM10.

The Air-box also boasts an infrared sensor that updates the data every second with accurate measurement sensitivity and detection of particles even smaller than 1 micron in real-time.

You also have the option to track the quality of air via the mobile application. 


Benefits of Using a CO2 Monitor 

  • Increases cognitive functions 
  • Decreases risk of exposure to CO2  
  • Boosts immunity and improves lifestyle 
  • Improves overall mental health and work/study ability

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