The In-Demand Product Creating Opportunities for the HVAC Industry

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Vision Air Blue Line CommercialAir Purifier

Indoor air has always been important, but it came under the limelight during the pandemic. The news circulated in the media regarding the role of poor indoor air in increasing the risk of contamination and how people can work toward its solution, which made businesses all geared up to take action. 

Increasing ventilation has been advised and emphasized repeatedly by authorities like CDC and EPA, but opening windows for natural ventilation cannot seem to be the solution. Air purifiers have been around as HVAC equipment for mechanical ventilation; however, the HVAC industry has recently been hit with a commercial opportunity since it happens to be a ray of hope for economic recovery. 

With ample information on air purifiers around, schools, workplaces, healthcare facilities, and industries have begun to opt for air purification system installation for the mitigation of the contagious virus as well as for various other reasons, such as removing other pollutants, increased productivity, concentration, efficiency, and positive health outcomes. 


Euromate –The Pioneer in the Air Purification Industry 

Euromate has been in the industry for more than 45 years, and that makes us the oldest business in the competition. The market demand for air purification system installation has spiked because people have begun to acknowledge the impact of air purifiers on health and business outcomes.

We have a range of solutions with technology suited for different types of indoor settings, such as VisionAir Blue Line and Pure Air Shield (PAS 3300) for schools, workplaces and hospitals, age care, childcare, and larger commercial areas. Additionally, the HF Industrial and DFI for industrial settings, workshops, and warehouses. 

Our products are not just limited to use amidst the pandemic but all year round to create a safe breathing environment for adults and children. 

We have different applications, and our solutions also address the need for ventilation in older buildings. Air purification system installation is often difficult in older buildings where demolition or renovation is impossible. 

Euromate Pure Air’s products are a blessing in such cases because we have mobile as well as wall-mounted alternatives available for ease of use. Similarly, in schools, where natural ventilation is not an option due to noise and other types of outdoor pollution, Euromate Pure Air provides noise-less and user-friendly operation with efficient extraction of dust, dirt, and viruses from the air.  

The locally-manufactured range of air purifiers is highly sought after due to numerous benefits. Not only have they been certified to efficiently remove airborne viruses by 99.95 percent, but Euromate air purifiers are also known to reduce absenteeism rate, medical costs, and cleaning and maintenance costs.  

All things aside, the key to maximizing the efficiency of air cleaners is to hire a professional HVAC technician. A trusted HVAC professional is usually the first place customers turn to for advice. being the first place your long-term HVAC customers turn to means you have the ability to use Euromate’s product range to your advantage. 

While Euromate provides professional specialists with technical expertise to answer any system questions, you can receive the benefits of installation and ongoing service profit.  

Some of the benefits include: 

– Add to your existing product ranges 

– Receive 100% of installation profit 

– Receive 100% of ongoing service costs 

– Receive a percentage of the retail price 


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