The DFI in the Industrial Sector

smoke in industries
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Air purification in an industrial environment is a necessity in order to create a safe breathing environment and to protect the health and wellbeing of your workers. 

Poor indoor air quality is quite typical for industries because they contain dust particles, fumes and smoke in the environment. 

Long-term exposure to polluted air can have a severe impact on workers’ health and well-being, ultimately increasing absenteeism rates and decreasing productivity levels.  

Dust in the industrial environment is the result of different activities and processes. While large dust particles rest on the surface, small ones become airborne and can penetrate into the lungs of your workers once inhaled. 

There are two classifications of small dust particles – inhalable and respirable. The dust particles smaller than 100µm are called inhalable; they can be a threat to the upper respiratory system of your workers. 

On the other hand, particles smaller than 10µm are invisible and can penetrate deep into the lungs and damage them.  



Dust that might not seem dangerous at first could be a potential threat to you and your workers’ health. Following are some of the dangers of exposure to industrial dust: 

Skin Issues 

Industrial dust contains certain chemicals that may react with your skin, resulting in dryness, itchiness, and scaling. 

Moreover, if your industrial workshop processes concern wood sanding and cutting, the chemicals can cause dermatitis, which may develop blisters, itchiness, and redness on the skin.  


Asthma patients are highly susceptible to dust and allergens. The presence of dust particles and mites can trigger symptoms of those suffering from asthma in your workforce. 

It is also called occupational asthma, which occurs when workers inhale toxic pollutants released due to different industrial processes. 

It needs to be immediately addressed because symptoms may aggravate and become fatal.  

Lung cancer 

Industrial dust can result in severe chronic diseases, such as lung cancer. Researchers claim that when workers are exposed to “respirable crystalline silica (RCS)”, it can lead to lung cancer and silicosis. 

RCS is a form of dust with particles small enough to penetrate deep into the lungs, making it incurable.  

Mental issues 

Apart from physical health, industrial dust can be a serious hazard for mental health as well. 

Long-term exposure to dust particles, allergens, and mites can cause dementia and increase the risk of stroke in workers.  



Research and history have shown us that poor indoor air quality in different industrial environments is sparking concerns for it affects workers’ mental and physical health. 

You can, however, create a protective shield against dust particles, pollens, mites, and allergens by choosing the best industrial air purifier. It is the ultimate solution to extract pollutants and make your workplace free from dust particles and other toxic pollutants.   




There are many benefits of installing the best industrial air purifier at your workshop. Let’s explore together! 

The first and foremost benefit is increased productivity and safety. Breathing in the contaminated air causes discomfort amongst workers due to its impact on mental and physical health. 

Industrial air purifiers create a protective layer and circulate fresh air across the space by effectively capturing dust particles and other pollutants.  

The second benefit is reduced costs. The best industrial air purifier does not consume much energy and cuts maintenance and cleaning costs. 

Moreover, providing a healthy breathing environment to your employees means that there will be a significant decrease in sick call-ins. 

As a result, it makes a significant difference to your company’s bottom line by saving energy, maintenance, and medical costs.  

Industrial dust buildup can disrupt the functionality of your machines. Faulty equipment can cause significant loss to your business. 

However, with proper air filtration measures, you won’t have to deal with any of that because the best industrial air purifier can effectively capture dust particles. 



If you are looking for the best industrial purifier with a robust dust extraction system, none can do a better job than the Dust Free Industrial 8500. 

Ideal for the industrial environment, the DFI 8500 is a unique air purifier with innovative filtration technology that enables airflow in a continuous cycle. 

With an efficiency of 90%, our Dust Free Industrial is a smart air cleaner. It features SmartGrid and SmartThrust that can filter hard-to-clean areas and create dynamic airflows.

Other benefits of the best industrial air cleaner include reduced absenteeism, optimized cleaning, and maintenance costs, and reduced energy consumption. 


Clean your indoor air today!