Stop Cleaning Surfaces. Start Cleaning Your Air! Here’s Why

Clean and dirty air over a big city
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Are you one of those who spent a lot of bucks on sanitizers, disinfectants, and antibacterial cleaners to wipe off surfaces and prevent the risk of COVID-19 transmission? Well, had you spent that money on a high-quality air cleaner, it would have been a hundred times better and more effective in the prevention of the disease. 

We have seen a lot of organizations proudly marketing about how they keep every surface disinfected, which, we agree, is a good thing, but is it worth all the efforts?  

There is an entire chain, and the chances of fomite transmission are minor. Though we have extensively discussed that the virus lingers on different surfaces, such as doorknobs and handles, they are still not a major driver of the pandemic. 

Up till now, we haven’t come across a single case reported due to surface contamination. Rather, researchers declared COVID-19 airborne, which means it travels when an infected person sneezes or coughs in the air. 

As a result, tiny respiratory droplets or aerosols carry the virus for up to a distance of six feet and can remain suspended in the air for more than a couple of hours. When other people breathe in the same air, they inhale the virus and become infected. 

What does it tell you? Overcleaning surfaces is not important – cleaning indoor air is!  

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests that cleaning indoor air is one of the primary steps to prevent the risk of coronavirus spread. The organization highlights that ventilation and air purification both are effective in preventing the risk of airborne diseases; however, you still require precautionary measures, such as wearing masks, maintaining a distance of 6 ft. from other people, and avoiding highly occupied spaces, getting vaccinated, and sanitizing hands.  

How to Keep Indoor Air Clean?  

The role of ventilation 

EPA further sheds light on the importance of ventilation, suggesting that it is not a panacea but still plays a crucial role in the mitigation of the virus. Opening windows in highly occupied indoor spaces allows for fresh air circulation that replaces the toxic air. 

Fresh outdoor air dilutes the concentration of the virus particles, making them weaker and less active. The rule suggests that the greater the number of people in a room, the greater the need for ventilation. 

An additional benefit of cleaning indoor air via ventilation is that it also prevents exposure to chemicals that may release from disinfectant and cleaner usage. The question is whether natural ventilation is enough for cleaning indoor air? Find out in the next section.  

The Role of Air Purifiers 

Natural ventilation is undoubtedly an effective mitigation strategy, but is it worth the risk? Opening windows to bring in outdoor air makes things worst, specifically, if you live in an occupied neighborhood or closer to an industrial area. 

In such a case, you open up a door to other outdoor contaminants, such as chemicals, dust and smoke. Instead of making your life easier, it only adds to the problem and causes more discomfort. If not natural ventilation, then how to keep indoor air clean? By installing an air purifier.  

A good air purifier cleans the air and ventilates the indoor space mechanically. There are many air purifiers available on the market; however, you must choose one with a HEPA filter to remove airborne viruses. Several regulatory bodies have proven that air purification technology featuring HEPA filters is the most effective in combating the novel virus and reducing the risk of transmission to a considerable extent. 

Wondering what HEPA is –  it stands for a high-efficiency particulate air filter with a fine mesh to extract even particles of size as small as 0.3 microns with 99.97 percent efficiency. Now that you know the answer to how to clean indoor air, let’s find out which air purifier to go for in the next section.


Euromate Pure Air and the Battle against Coronavirus 

Euromate Pure Air takes the lead in tackling poor indoor air quality and providing people with fresh and safe air to breathe. With all necessary precautions in place, the installation of Euromate Pure Air purification technology will be your best bet, as it stands out due to its efficiency, effectiveness and robust functionality. 

Our air purifiers, such as VisionAir Blue Line and Pure Shield 3300, feature HEPA filters that extract all virus particles from the air via a thin, fine mesh. Both air purifiers are available in portable versions for added convenience.  

The bottom line is that COVID-19 presented challenges like no other, but it is important for everyone to realize the effectiveness of their efforts in preventing the risk. Overcleaning is simply not an option when surface contamination is not the real enemy. 

Air purification technology helps in the mitigation of COVID-19 by extracting suspended particles, leaving behind fresh air. 

Clean your indoor air today!