Retail & Food Industries Should Adopt Air Purification Solutions

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Pollution can accumulate in stockrooms, storage areas, and warehouses of the retail industry, hazardously also settling dust particles in retail shops where customers gather. Due to the strict health and safety laws in Australia, specifically in the food products industry, all retail and commercial areas must have a certain level of hygiene and air filtration standards. Modernized air filtration technology such as Euromate’s, were produced to battle this common issue seen in retail spaces and removes above 90% of dust and pollution from your indoor environment. 

Solution by Euromate Pure Air

Euromate Pure Air has a dust extraction system known as HFE, especially for the retail and food products sector. HFE reduces 90% of dust particles from the air and is a multi-purpose air purifier. With an electrostatic filter that cleans the polluted air, the clean air is then blown back into the room so there is no need for pipes or ductwork. The Euromate Pure Air HFE is stand-alone, plug-and-play, and versatile, allowing the user to move the system as required.

How does Euromate Pure Air HF Industrial Air Cleaner work?

The process of the HF Industrial Air Cleaner air is in-depth and utilizes multiple filters in order to clean your indoor air. First, the air passes through the high-voltage ionization section giving the dust particles a positive charge. Then in the collector section, electrically charged particles are attracted by grounded plates. This air purifier can remove particles down to the size of 0.01 micron. Then the centrifugal fan draws the air through the filter and releases the clean and purified air back into the room. The HFE can mount to the ceiling, a column, or the wall with no ductwork necessary.

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