Problems with Air Quality of Physiotherapists Clinics and Its Solution

Physiotherapists Clinics
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In the physio clinic treatment rooms, exercise rooms, and fitness rooms, physiotherapists and the staff face air quality issues. Bad air quality in physio clinics can be due to the patient’s body odors, bacterias, damp air, and fine dust particles. These pollute the air inside the clinics. And with no proper ventilation and air crossing in the rooms, these pollutants get inside the air vents and then into the HVAC System. As the HVAC System recycles the air present inside the rooms, that’s why air pollutants remain inside the rooms and cause breathing issues and headaches in the staff.  

Solution For Physiotherapists By Euromate Pure Air

Euromate Pure Air has an air cleaning solution that will improve the air quality in physio practice. Vision Air Blue Line Air Cleaner is perfect for Physio practice with a CarbonMax filter. CarbonMax filter contains active carbons that adsorb gases and odors from the air.

The polluted air is drawn in the air cleaner, filtered, and then odor-free air is blown back into the room. Euromate air cleaners are stand-alone, plug-and-play systems.

Qualities and Benefits of VisionAir Blue Air Cleaner in the physio clinics

  • VisionAir Blue Line Air Cleaner is distinctive within the healthcare industry for staff and patients.
  • Increased Energy-efficiency of HVAC Systems.
  • Better Dispersion of heated and cooled air inside the rooms.
  • Eliminate unpleasant odours and dust.
  • Treatment rooms and exercise rooms will have fresh air.

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