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Improve air quality at School and Child Care Centres

Unfortunately, in 80% of schools, the unhealthy indoor environment has adverse effects on students’ performance. Moreover, due to the CORONA pandemic, there is a chance of the virus spreading in the schools and childcare centres. Therefore, an effective air cleaning mechanism is critical to ensure the safety of the students and children. From our many years of experience in combating bacteria, particulate matter and virus particles, we know that installing a good (mobile) air cleaner is a practical solution to improving air quality.

Tested by independent research institute VTT and validated by TNO

Up to 99.95% of pollution, including the COVID-19 virus.

Higher productivity of students

Fresh living areas in the day-care centre

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Euromate’s Solution to clean indoor air

Our VisionAir Blue Line Microbe Free is the perfect solution for schools and childcare centres facing indoor air quality issues. The stylish design of the VisionAir Blue Line air cleaner fits into any interior as it can be installed on the ceiling, on the wall, or on a mobile display. The air cleaner makes little noise and is very user-friendly in terms of operation.

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Prevent polluted indoor air from threatening your health.

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