Odors & Gases – You Can’t See Them but They Make a Difference

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We always talk about indoor air pollutants, but today we are going to discuss two of the most critical elements present in our surroundings that may not be visible – odors and gases.  

What is odor? A combination of gases and chemicals makes up odors that we smell. Workers in construction, wood, and metal workshops have to carry out multiple industrial processes that may release chemical fumes and gases into the working space. 

Poor ventilation can worsen the situation, and it may cause adverse impacts on employees’ health. While some gases are odorless and less harmful, others are unpleasant and a warning sign of human health risks. 

Studies have suggested that the presence of odors and gases in indoor space can decrease human well-being and quality of life.

Air purifiers are known to play a key role in eliminating odor and gases from the environment. But are they effective enough to save humans from negative health impacts?


Do Air Purifiers Remove Odors? 

The air purifier market is full of claims by manufacturers that commit to providing the best air purifier for odor elimination, but are they really the best? 

The truth is that odors are quite difficult to tackle, and traditional air purifiers are highly unlikely to eliminate them. Air purifiers that boast HEPA filters are highly effective in capturing small particles of dust, dirt, and airborne viruses; however, they are not an ideal choice of filters when it comes to making your space odor-free.  

Filters with activated carbon are a viable option to remove harmful gases and odors. Such filters also remove any harmful odorless gas that may become fatal in a short span. 

However, the amount of activated carbon in a filter determines its effectiveness in combating odors and gases. Air purifiers with cheap and thin activated carbon filters are not as effective in doing the job. 

Therefore, it is important that you only go for the best air purifier for odor elimination on the market, like Euromate Pure Air.    


How Euromate Tackles Odors and Gases 

Euromate Pure Air has different purifiers that eliminate odors and gases from the environment. Whether you want a solution for home, workplace, or industrial settings, we have effective air purification and odor elimination technology that function more than just efficiently.  

VisionAir Blue Line 

Euromate’s VisionAir Blue Line is the best air purifier for odor elimination. VisionAir is a new generation of air cleaners that allow the user to remove pollution effectively.

The air purifier boasts a made-to-measure plug-and-play solution with 99 percent efficiency to clean poor indoor air. VisionAir Blue Line also features seven different filter combinations for optimal quality of air.

As a business owner, you will have an option to choose from eight different versions because each combination selectively targets a specific pollution problem. VisionAir Blue Line allows you to combine GasFree and OdorFree from five filters.

While the former purifies the air from toxic gases and prevents Sick Building Syndrome, the latter targets odors in the air and filters them via an activated carbon filter.  

HF Industrial Air Cleaner  

It is an ideal air purifier for odor elimination in complex industrial settings. HF Industrial air purifier features higher air changes per hour and filters the air with more than 90 percent efficiency.

The air cleaner is highly effective in dealing with both odors and gases because it has an activated carbon filter that collects particles and leaves an odor-free, safe breathing environment. 

SF Kitchen Filtration  

Commercial kitchens often deal with odor nuisance due to non-stop cooking with strong-smelling ingredients like garlic and onion. It can cause discomfort in the dining area if your kitchen is closer.

Also, a poor ventilation system can suspend the odor, leaving stale and stuffy air for breathing. Euromate Pure Air has specifically engineered an SF Kitchen filtration system for commercial kitchens so that you can maintain an odor-free kitchen area.

The air purifier for odor elimination features activated carbon filters to remove odor nuisance and leave a safe breathing environment for employees as well as visitors.


Benefits of Professional Odor Control  

Professional odor control is important to tackle bad and toxic smells and gases because they are difficult to remove from the environment.

Technologies like VisionAir Blue Line and SF Kitchen Filtration are specifically designed to address odors and gases in the environment. Following are some of the benefits of professional odor control: 

  • Savings of up to 30 percent on energy costs 
  • Savings of up to 70 percent on cleaning and maintenance costs 
  • Decrease in absenteeism rate by up to 40 percent 

The bottom line is that odors and gases are invisible, yet they make a huge difference because some of them can be bad for human health.

Therefore, it is important to install an air purifier for odor elimination in order to specifically target the problem and leave a fresh environment for everyone.

Clean your indoor air today!