New Test Protocols for Air Cleaners Needed in Australia

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There are no regulatory standards for indoor air quality in Australia. Currently, there seems to be a lack of understanding of good quality pertaining to indoor air purification.

Authorities have not been successful in rolling out adequate legislation on the acceptable level of clean air in different spaces, such as classrooms, healthcare facilities, nursing homes, and even homes.

The Australian industry also lacks clear test protocols for air purifiers. As far as the European and American air purification industries are concerned, they are testing on a small-scale basis instead of a real-life scenario.

Therefore, test results are less accurate due to small spaces and shorter cleaning periods. Moreover, the current protocols focus on a single technique, which makes it difficult to compare different technologies and devices.

However, as Government bodies and Organizations start to push for more transparency between good quality, industrial air purifiers and your basic run-of-the-mill ventilator, consumers are better able to discern between bad and good quality air purifiers.   

AHAM Testing Air Cleaner Protocols in the US

The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM), an American association that represents household appliance manufacturers, has rolled out a standard protocol for manufacturers to test the effectiveness of portable air purification devices and their ability to remove pathogens, viruses, allergens, and bacteria.

The performance test standard is called AHAM-AC-5-2022, and it allows the measurement of the rate at which an air purifier eliminates “aerosolized bacteriophages that mimic many common illnesses.”

The standard was developed over the span of 18 months under the supervision of researchers, professionals, and leading manufacturers, and it is the first of its kind that focuses on microbiological pollutants. 

Euromate Improving Testing Protocols in Europe

Based in the Netherlands, Euromate and other manufacturers have joined hands to upgrade air cleaning testing protocols.

According to the news, a new testing protocol is under work that focuses on the impact of air purification technology in an indoor space. The organisations have created a standard room with pollution, sensors and simulated ventilation types to test all kinds of air purification devices and produce the effect of the device in the room.

The label will be able to determine the ability of the device to reduce the amount of dust, dirt and allergens, and the new protocol will also be able to tell the creation of any by-products.  

An Australian Organization Making its Way to Create Testing Protocols

Choice, Australia’s leading consumer advocacy group with independent and unbiased reviews, has made its name in creating testing protocols.

The organization has been testing air cleaners for a few years with the help of experienced experts in heating and cooling products.

The aim of CHOICE is to test the most popular brands on the market, and the shortlisting of brands is based on market surveys, sales information, and member requests.

The process of testing begins with dust particles, smoke, and volatile organic compounds to assess the effectiveness of the devices in removing them from a room.

According to the company, the most effective air purifiers are able to remove over 90 percent of air contaminants and particles from the air.

Euromate Pure Air – Tested and Certified

Euromate Pure Air is Australia’s leading air purification technology provider, manufactured in the Netherlands. Its air cleaners are tested and certified to be 99.995 percent effective in removing indoor air pollutants.

The VisionAir Blue Line is VTT and TNO certified to provide more than 90 percent efficiency against airborne viruses and bacteria.

The company also holds SGS certification for international and national compliance. Despite these certifications, Euromate is passionate about raising awareness of the lack of testing protocols globally and how the implementation of legislation is crucial for the air purification industry in Australia.

These protocols will protect consumers and develop a benchmark to remove all ineffective devices from the market. 

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