an orthopedic industry producing orthopedic shoes with medical grade air purifier Australia by Euromate Pure Air installed

Improve air quality in Orthopaedic

Orthopaedic shoemaker, technician, ocularist, prosthetist, or related profession? Stop working in fine dust and unpleasant odours! It is detrimental to your health. However, the solution is simple: an air purifier from Euromate Pure Air! Unpleasant odours and vapours from paints, glues, synthetic resins, and other materials in the workspace or monomers and (fine) dust from plaster casts and sanding work are unhealthy for both employees and patients. This results in various health complain in the Orthopaedic industry such as pneumonia, breathing problems, eczema and allergic reactions.

Healthy supply of fresh air

Less cleaning costs: less pollution in the air that drifts down.

No more problems with unpleasant odours and dust

Lower absenteeism due to illness: staff work in healthy air.

Euromate’s Solution to Orthopaedic

Euromate’s VisionAir Blue Line air cleaner is the perfect solution for Orthopaedic Industry as it can reduce the quantity of dust and fine particulates from plastic and plaster, as well as monomers. To eliminate the odour, the polluted air is drawn in and filtered then odour-free air is blown back into the room. CarbonMax filter is used for this as purpose as it contains carbon that to adsorb gases and odours.

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