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Euromate’s Solution for the Healthcare sector

Is your hospital or nursing home suffering from odour nuisance and limited ventilation? Stop exposing your staff and patients to unpleasant smells caused due to medical treatments, the patient’s body air and incontinence material.

Healthy supply of fresh air

High productivity, staff is less tired.

No more problems with unpleasant odours and dust

Energy efficient, heated and cooled air is distributed better

Euromate’s Solution to the Healthcare sector

Euromate’s VisionAir Blue Line air cleaner is the perfect solution for the Healthcare sector. It can be used with various filters to deal with fine dust and nasty smells. To eliminate the odour, the polluted air is drawn in and filtered then odour-free air is blown back into the room. CarbonMax filter is used for this as purpose as it contains carbon that to adsorb gases and odours. Please get in touch with us today for the appropriate advice.

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Prevent polluted indoor air from threatening your health.

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