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Dental Air Purifier, Ensure Healthy Environment with Cleaner Air

In dentistry, exposure to harmful microbes and fine particulates for dentists, technicians, and patients is highly common. Fine particulates, which exist in the form of mercury vapors, porcelain, ceramic particles, bits of airborne metals, and monomers, are highly dangerous if inhaled by individuals. 

Moreover, dental clinics are visited by people of all age groups. As a result, some patients might be carriers of contagious diseases which increases the risk of transmission if the air quality is not controlled. 

Therefore, it is necessary to enhance the indoor air quality in dental clinics and only an efficient air purifier such as that of Euromate Pure Air Australia is the ultimate solution. 

Benefits of Dental Air Purification

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What’s in the Air We Breathe?

The human mouth is the home to almost 350 different kinds of bacteria. Various bacterial, viral, and fungal microbes float in the air while you treat your patients. While drilling and performing other procedures, these bacteria disperse into the air along with saliva and blood. 

As they tend to stay in the air for a longer period, it risks the health of the personnel and patients. Therefore, making the air clean by using air purifiers is the only way to prevent the spread of these particles and ensure a healthy environment for everyone.   

There is one more aspect to consider when it comes to the hygienic atmosphere of the dental clinics. Surfaces are continuously cleaned with disinfectants for the sterilized instruments that are placed on the tables and stands. 

These disinfectants result in the creation of bio-aerosols that in combination with fine particles can enter deep into the lungs to the bloodstream during a dental procedure. A dental air purifier can help you to tackle this problem effectively with its tendency to clean the indoor air. 

At Euromate Pure Air Australia, we provide a range of dental air purifiers that can handle the pollutants common to dental practice. Thanks to the range of filter combinations and next-gen technology in our products, the only thing you can expect is a 99.99% clean indoor air and hygienic environment. 

Euromate Dental Air Purifiers: Committed for a Safer Dental Practice

Euromate VisionAir Blue line series is proven to create a clean indoor dental space so that you can have a pleasant working place with fresh and clean air. It offers adjustable fan speed, motion sensor and timer function which ensures optimal performance when you need it the most. 

Vision Air Blue Line Air Purifier also provides multi-stage filtration which ensures maximum air purification efficiency. The CarbonMax filter, for example, contains activated carbon which eliminates the odors from dental clinics and labs. 

Similarly, a Microbe-free filter with a UV-C lamp kills bacteria, viruses and other microbes from the air and ensures the circulation of fresh air that boosts your productivity and protects your patients and staff from allergies. 

Man working in a dental lab with dental air purifier installed
Pure Air Shield commercial grade air purifier in a waiting area of DB Services

Another solution for Dental practice is Pure Air Shield 3300. It works against the microbes and fine particulates that remain in the air for a longer period and is specially designed for large spaces. 

It is equipped with a Pre-filter that captures unwanted large particles and a HEPA 14 filter traps up to 0.3µm particles. Capable of producing 5 air exchanges per hour at low noise, it can purify the air up to 99.995%. It is proven by SGS against the COVID-19 particles; therefore, it offers additional protection to your staff and visitors. It is a plug and plays unit which means no ductwork is required. 


It is simply an air purifier that is specifically designed to remove contaminants common in dental practice. They are different from the normal air purifiers due to the type of filter they come with. They can remove bacteria, viruses, fungi, ultra-fine particulate, mercury vapors, and bio-aerosols at a much higher rate as compared to domestic air purifiers to improve indoor air quality. 

The provision of clean indoor air is important not just for your patients but also for dentists, staff, and people in the waiting room. Without effective measures to provide clean air, a dental clinic could lead to the spread of bacteria, viruses, and other harmful aerosols. In addition, a poor working environment in the clinics and dental lab can adversely affect the productivity and absenteeism level of the staff. Exposing the staff to dangerous microbes is one of the major factors of increased sick leaves. Therefore, by providing a nice and clean working environment to your employees and patients, these challenges can be tackled. 

Yes, but not all. Euromate dental air purifiers can remove the odor from clinics and labs. Thanks to the activated carbon filter, it captures the molecules that cause the smell when the air passes through it. This process helps reduce unpleasant odors and provides a welcoming environment. 

Euromate Pure Air Australia is currently offering two air purifiers that can be used in dental labs and clinics – VisionAir Blue Line and PAS 3300. PAS 3300 is designed for larger areas. If you are unsure about which one suits you better, please call us now to speak to our air purification specialists. 

Euromate has over 45 years of experience in providing quality air purification products for medical, commercial, and industrial spaces. Our products have a proven track record worldwide and have certifications from leading testing organizations including SGS, VTT, and TNO. Along with that our VisionAir Blue Line has been approved by COVID-19 Quarantine Victoria which adds further credibility to the efficiency of Euromate products. Please click here to access our case studies.  

Please call us on the number provided on the website or leave us your details. One of our air purifications specialists will be in touch with you shortly. 

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