Wood Processing

Get rid of Wood Dust from your environment!

Wood dust is a big problem for many wood processing businesses. It not only affects the quality of the work, the productivity, and the costs but is also detrimental to the health of the employees as it can be inhaled by the workers which may lead to allergic reactions and may cause irritation to the skin, eyes and respiratory passages. It must therefore be removed from the air as thoroughly as possible with dust extraction in the workplace.

All of our Air Purifiers are plug and play units with no ductwork required and are available in multiple filter combinations.  Our HF Industrial is the ONLY Industrial Air Purifier in Australia with Electrostatic Filter. 

Our approved are air purifiers are suitable for Large Industrial Buildings and Complexes ,Workshops, Production Locations, Retail companies, Storage and Warehouse.

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Our Wood Dust Purifiers Range

Removes up to 90% of wood dust. For ceiling mounting with an integrated fan. Available in different filter configurations for fine or coarse particles including-Compact Pleated and Bag Filter

Floating dust and dust precipitation are common phenomena in many industrial
buildings. Euromate offers the HF series, a very effective and efficient system for filtering wood dust particles. Even suitable for welding fumes and oil mists.

Range of Filter combinations available


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