Production industry with ladders and cartons

There are different kinds of pollution present in the Production hall. This includes wood dust, textile dust, welding fumes, paper and cardboard dust to name but a few. 

Despite the fact the use of source extraction, the small dust particles stay suspended in the air which eventually settle on the products or semi-finished products. Not only they are detrimental to the health of the personnel, but they also lead to machine malfunctions, higher cleaning costs, and are a risk to hygiene. Therefore, dust extraction in the production hall is crucial.

reduces wood dust by over 90%.

lower cleaning costs,

less absence due to illness

better quality of work environment.

The solutions of Euromate

Especially for the production industry, Euromate has designed a dust extractor (Aircleaner HF and DFI)which has a competitive edge over others because they are not connected to the central dust extraction. They are plug-and-play units that draw in the air, filter it and blow the cleaned air back into the workplace. Please get in touch with our team of professionals today to get the most optimal solution for your situation.

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