Logistics & Warehousing Should Adopt Air Purification Solutions

Logistics & Warehousing Should Adopt Air Purification Solutions
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Pollution can accumulate in storage, trans-shipments, and warehouses inside the logistics hall due to routine operation outputs. The formation of suspended, precipitating dust is a common occurrence in logistics and has adverse effects on the health of workers. Health and safety concerns can often lead to disruptions in business processes and occasionally even bring them to a halt. This is why improving the indoor air quality in your logistics hall is crucial.

Euromate Pure Air has designed two dust extractors, the HF-Series Air Cleaner and the Dust Free Industrial 8500, especially for logistics. These air cleaners draw in the air from its surroundings and process the air through multiple filters. These products have a built-in electrostatic filter that removes the particles up to 0.01 micron. Purified air gets blown back into the workplace immediately after filtration. There is no need for additional duct pipes.


  • Euromate pure air solution helps reduce wood dust by over 90% in your environment.
  • This Air purification solution has low cleaning costs.
  • Clean air helps decrease illness in workers that will lead to fewer absences.
  • The Euromate Pure Air solution will better the quality of indoor air for your workers.

Do the HF and Dust Free Industrial 8500 air cleaners need maintenance?

You can clean and reuse an electrostatic filter when the filter is saturated. Therefore, these air purifiers are more advantageous than non-reusable, mechanical filter systems. For the optimum performance of the air cleaner, schedule regular maintenance professionals.

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