Keep Your Indoor Air Fresh in the Cooler Months

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Young woman portrait on a cold winter day. Overcast and cold weather. She is heating her hands with her hot breath.

Do you also associate poor indoor air quality with summertime? You are probably wrong!

Do you know indoor air quality is the worst in the winter months, and you hardly get to breathe fresh air the entire season? The reason is that as the temperature drops, everyone heads indoors to avoid catching a cold.

Moreover, people close doors and windows to prevent cold air from seeping into the house. 

Winters are in full swing in this part of the Southern Hemisphere. People are soon going to avoid heading outdoors. It means they will spend most of their time indoors without any ventilation, leading to negative health impacts. What’s the solution? 

Air purifiers are the only solution to clean the indoor air and ventilate the space. Let’s find out why you need to maintain healthy indoor air in winter. 

Why Indoor Air is Worse in Winters 

Poor Ventilation:

While we close doors and windows to avoid cold air, it leaves no room for ventilation. A dramatic decrease in ventilation has a negative impact because it creates a breeding ground for mold due to high moisture levels and indoor heat. 

Pet Allergens:

How many of you own a pet? We are sure that most of our readers own pets. In the summertime, your pets mostly stay outdoors to beat the heat. However, in winter, you keep them indoors until nature calls because you do not want them to get sick. 

But do you know that pet dander and other related contaminants escalate and degrade your indoor air quality in winter? You can clean pet dander from your upholstery and curtains, but other contaminants do need a high-efficiency air purifier for complete filtration. 

Contagious Diseases:

The winter season brings unsolicited guests – cold, flu, and cough. These are diseases that can transmit quickly. When you stay indoors and cough in the shared air, it becomes contaminated and puts everyone in the room at risk. Germs tend to stay longer in poorly ventilated spaces; hence, the risk of contamination is higher. 

Keeping Indoor Air Fresh in Cooler Months with Air Purifiers 

An air purifier for winter is the ultimate remediation to prepare for cooler months. While the initial outlay may be expensive, it is a one-time investment to pull out health risks and breathe fresh air all year round. 

Let’s see how an air purifier for winter effectively addresses all the issues mentioned above:

  • Not only do air purifiers filter the space, but they also ventilate. People often confuse ventilation with filtration, but both terms are different. While filtration concerns the removal of harmful particulates from the air, ventilation entails swapping stale air with fresh air. Air purifiers efficiently extract stuffy air containing toxic pollutants and blow out fresh air, ventilating the space and making it optimal for breathing. 
  • An air purifier for winter with a HEPA filter can effectively remove pet contaminants and dander. HEPA is a high-efficiency filter that removes small-sized particles with greater efficiency due to its mesh technology. Some people do question if air purifiers can make pets sick, and the answer is they absolutely do not. Instead, contaminant-free air improves your pet’s health.
  • An air purifier for winter effectively combats winter-related diseases and allergies. Air purification technology effectively removes dirt, dust, and bacteria from the space, making it safe for everyone. 


Air Purifiers Also Improve Symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal affective disorder is a depression type that occurs as the season changes. People suffering from SAD are likely to experience low appetite, mood changes, and oversleeping. Don’t take seasonal affective disorder as a winter blue. 

Taking care of your mental health is crucial. Air purifiers reduce the intensity of symptoms and improve your mental health, relieving you from stress, depression, and mood changes. 

Euromate Pure Air’s Air Purifiers are Ideal for Winter 

Euromate Pure Air’s VisionAir Blue Line and Pure Air Shield (PAS) 3300 are ideal air purifiers for the colder months. When the temperature drops below average and everyone stay indoors, our air purifiers work like magic.

Well, not magic; all credit goes to intelligent engineering and efficient technology that effectively captures contaminants and ventilates the air. Both air purifiers feature HEPA filters for robust efficiency in capturing pollutants. 

Call on the given number for more information about our air purifiers. We’d be happy to help.  

Clean your indoor air today!