Keep Machinery and Workers Safe with Oil Vapor & Mist Elimination

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Machining technology companies are always at risk of poor indoor air quality. Companies undertaking machinery employ different technologies, including milling, welding, sawing, and grinding. 

All machining operations produce oil vapors or smoke and oil mists to some degree because they operate at faster speeds and use coolant pressures. These sources of contaminants degrade the air quality and cause a negative impact on the efficiency of machines and workers’ health. 

What is Oil Mist? 

Oil mist is a collection of airborne droplets with a size of more than 1 micrometer. The mist forms when oil is used as a lubricant for metal and ceramic machining processes. It can also be found in industries that undertake milling, drilling, and grinding processes. 

What is Oil Smoke? 

Oil smoke is the result of neat cutting or straight oils, and it comprises the same droplet collection as mist. One of the primary differences is that oil smoke droplets are smaller in size – below 1 micrometer, and these airborne droplets often appear in large volumes. 

The repercussions of oil vapors and mist are damaging to the indoor environment, as ventilation measures are not adequate. Since both contaminants are airborne, they travel via the air and can cause unrepairable damage to machining technology.

A thin oil layer can cover production machines, which reduces their ability to function at speed with efficiency, reducing their lifespan. Also, prolonged human exposure to oil smoke and mist has adverse impacts on health and can be a critical safety risk due to slippery surfaces.

Therefore, air filtration is essential to ensure workers’ safety and efficient machine operations. 

Air Mist Purifier to Ensure Workers’ Safety 

An air mist purifier filters the environment and upgrades indoor air quality to maximize the safety of workers, prevent adverse health impacts, and reduce machine downtime. Air cleaners with HEPA filters are the definite solution due to smaller airborne particles. They effectively and efficiently remove oil vapors and mist to ensure a safe working environment that increases productivity, maximizes concentration levels, and improves cognitive function. 

Euromate Pure Air is leading in the air filtration sector with experience and expertise of more than 40 years. We have created a benchmark with our cutting-edge air mist purifier known for its application in an industrial setting. Our air purification technology is feature-rich and provides more than one function to ensure an optimal breathing environment. 

HF industrial is one of the air mist purifiers we offer that offers multiple functions: dirt, dust, soot, and pollutants removal. It comes with three main filters: HFC, HFE, and HFM. The air mist purifier also effectively removes odor nuisance caused by oil smoke and mist. 

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