Indoor Air Quality in Commercial Workspaces

Indoor Air Quality in Commercial Workspaces
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On average human beings spend almost 90% of their time indoors. As indoor air gets continuously recycled without proper ventilation, there’s a risk of pollutants getting trapped inside and making Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) 2-5 times more dangerous than outside air. A study proved that poor IAQ in the workplace decreases employees’ and workers’ productivity by 8-10%, so employers should take extra precautions to keep workplace IAQ levels at normal. Otherwise, they are risking more than just their profits. 

Here are some sources of contaminants affecting workplace IAQ that employers need to take care of:

  • Poor ventilation.
  • Underperforming HVAC systems. 
  • Office supplies like Photocopiers, printers and lighting.
  • Kitchen supplies like stoves, grills, fryers and refrigerators.
  • Harmful chemicals used during cleaning.

All these factors are involved in exposing employees and workers to indoor air contaminants every day, so employers should make an effort to eliminate these sources of pollutants from the workplace. Research says that employees’ cognitive ability scores can increase by 61-101% in a contaminant and pollution-free workplace environment. 

Fixing The Air Quality in Workplaces

A Harvard study shows that high levels of CO2 and other volatile organic compounds that build up in the workplaces harm the thinking and decision-making capabilities of workers.  All of the challenges associated with bad IAQ are fixable, and the fix is not even that expensive. Employers can take both preventive measures and corrective measures to eliminate contaminants from the workplace. 

Buying air purifiers can help prevent pollution within the working environment. Euromate Pure Air is the leader in air purification services in Melbourne and can solve the bad IAQ in your workplace with effective air cleaning products that help keep your workplace safe for you and your employees.

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