How to Improve IAQ in a Dental Lab

Dental Lab
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Indoor air at a dental lab gets polluted with odours, micro-particles and vapours because of plastic, plaster and monomers usage. That is harmful and disturbing for doctors, staff and patients. It can lead to respiratory and pulmonary problems or cause an allergic reaction in the staff or even doctors. Improving the IAQ in a dental lab is necessary to solve these problems as the patients have to keep their mouths open for the treatment, which makes them highly vulnerable to infections.

Euromate Pure Air VisionAir Blue Line Air Cleaner is the perfect solution for dental labs. It is proven to reduce dust and fine particles from plastic and plaster, as well as monomers. This air cleaner is used widely due to its unique filter combinations. It can be mounted on a ceiling or wall or used on a mobile stand.

VisionAir Blue Line Air Cleaner in Dental Lab

Euromate Pure Air VisionAir Blue Line Air Cleaner deals with odours and fine dust particles. The polluted air is drawn in and filtered by the CarbonMax filter then pollutant-free air is blown back into the room. CarbonMax filter contains carbon that absorbs gases and odours. Benefits of Using VisionAir Blue Line Air Cleaner;

  • Doctors, staff and patients get better indoor air quality.
  • Workers are less tired and more productive due to breathing clean air.
  • This air cleaner helps remove odours, dust and fumes.
  • HVAC systems consume less energy.
  • Lab gets properly distributed heating and cooling air.
  • Doctors, staff and patients experience fewer headaches, concentration problems, throat and nasal blockage.

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