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HF industrial air filtration system in Holland Packing industry

Indoor air quality is a dynamic mixture of particulate matter, dirt, gases, and odors. For many companies, odors and gases are critical problems, specifically for industrial and catering firms. 

Gases, specifically, are the most toxic and dangerous because they can be invisible and odorless. It creates a risky environment for employees, and exposure to some gases and odors may result in fatal damage.  

As far as gases are concerned, carbon monoxide is one of the toxic gases that does not have an odor or color. It means that when it leaks, no one in the room can actually sense it till it starts affecting human health. 

It is highly toxic and can kill humans in a short span. Moreover, there are many industrial processes, such as welding and cutting metal, that emit harmful gases. According to multiple research studies, welding and cutting emit reaction gases, and some of them are extremely hazardous to human health. 

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2004 has documented the threshold of exposure and that it should be below the limit.  

On the other hand, odors are a real issue, specifically in restaurants, cafes, and catering businesses. Odor nuisance due to cooking with strong-smell ingredients, such as onion, garlic, and other spices, does not only disrupt the efficiency of workers but also the comfort of guests. 

It can taint the reputation of your restaurant for not delivering a good ambiance. Industrial settings, such as manufacturing houses, warehouses, and workshops, also carry out some processes that emit odors, which degrades the quality of indoor air. 

Some elements, such as volatile organic compounds and mold growth, also release odor into the environment, affecting workers’ productivity and efficiency.

Not to forget, chemical and biological odors can sometimes contaminate your goods, and there is a high probability your business may face a significant financial loss.  

The problems are multiple, but is there a permanent and widely-acknowledged solution? Yes, an industrial air filtration system. Professional technology for odor and gas control is the ultimate solution to save costs.

Also, you will save a hefty portion of the expenses you allocate for cleaning massive warehouses and industrial spaces. An all-rounder industrial air filtration system not only cleans the air from dirt, dust, smoke, and welding fumes but also removes odors and gases quite efficiently.  


Are Air Purifiers an Answer to this?

One of the specialty features of air purifiers for odor and gas control is activated carbon filters. They feature properties that allow the extraction of odors ad gases from indoor air. Activated carbon filters capture particles on a charcoal bed, but they do not remove dirt, dust, and smoke particles. 

There are some air purifiers on the market that come with different filters to selectively target air pollution issues. Euromate Pure Air is a leading provider of industrial air filtration systems – Industrial HF. 

It is a powerful cleaning technology that is equipped with a main filter with a fan. It is suitable for large warehouses and industrial settings that carry out manufacturing, transportation, and storage activities. 

It comes with three main filters – HFM, HFE, and HFC. You can choose filters based on your issue. For instance, HFC features activated carbon and is specifically made to remove gases and odors.  

The main benefit of our industrial air filtration system is not only cleaning and filtration but cost optimization as well. Following are some of the benefits:  

  • Improves working environment 
  • Saves cleaning costs by up to 70 percent
  • Saves energy and maintenance costs by up to 30 percent
  • Decreases absence rate due to illnesses by up to 40 percent 


The bottom line is that indoor air pollution is deadly. It comprises toxic gases and harmful odors that not only degrade the environment but also impact physical and mental health. Therefore, immediate action should be a concern for commercial spaces. Using an industrial air filtration system with activated carbon filters is the solution to combating gases and odor nuisance. 

Should you need more details about our industrial air filtration system, contact us now.  

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