Flu Season and Air Purification in The Workplace: Euromate Top Tips

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Woman working in her office having flu

Marnix Eikerboom once said,

“If health is the essence of your brand, it all starts with taking the health of your workforce seriously.” 

Every workplace is a source of revenue and profit for the country; Hence, if your company prides itself on sustainability, its employees’ health and well-being are crucial.

The winter months bring chilled weather and give rise to numerous airborne diseases that can affect us. Many companies do not take care of the health and cleanliness of their office environment.

Especially in workplaces, it is necessary to keep the team healthy by using air purifiers and different disinfectants. 

Why Is Air Purification Needed In Workplaces?

Indoor pollution poses a larger and more significant threat to humans, than outdoor pollution. On top of that, whenever a person coughs or sneezes into the air, the bacteria may die after some time, but the virus remains in the air and affects humans if they inhale it.

Usually, workplaces are very crowded, which leads to the formation of moist air that contains germs and dust particles that can cause respiratory issues. Imagine that even if 5 percent of the employees get sick every month, it can eventually impact the company’s growth.

As a result of polluted air, different illnesses can impact your workers, causing stress and anxiety among them. It can affect their mental capabilities and efficiency.

Hence, health and well-being play a fundamental role in the workplace. Technology has opened several new ideas for us, and ways of combating pollutants before they are able to reach us.  

How Does an Air Purifier for Cold and Flu Work?

There are two ways an air purifier for cold and flu works: ventilation and contaminant elimination.

Poor ventilation leads the air contaminants, bacteria, and viruses to remain in the air, which increases the likelihood of the virus transmission.

On the other hand, an ordinary HVAC system that recirculates the indoor air is ineffective in removing air contaminants because of low capture efficiency.

In such a case, a certified and tested air purifier with a HEPA filter, such as Euromate’s, increases ventilation and removes pathogens, contaminants, and allergens with 99.995 percent efficiency. 

Other Top Tips to Beat this Cold and Flu Season

Increase Ventilation 

Ventilation is the most common method to fight the flu and maintain a fresh environment for workers. Opening doors and windows frequently during working hours can prevent the buildup of humid conditions and let fresh air replace the stale air.

However, it is crucial to know letting outdoor air inside the room can also make the room polluted due to vehicle and industrial toxins emissions. In such a case, check for the outdoor air quality index. 

Reduce the Burden on Employees  

Managers should not burden employees to the point that they get ashamed before asking for sick leaves. Increasing days off due to illness and rising personnel absence can be costly to a company.

But it is safer as these infections are contagious and can rapidly infect the healthier ones. 

Offer On-Site Vaccinations 

On-site vaccinations like the common cold, sore throat, and influenza keep the employees healthy and provide them with a platform in their workplaces that can save time.

People will not have to leave their offices to get themselves vaccinated. A research study by SHRM states that a flu shot cost lesser than flu-related absence or healthcare costs. 

The Bottom Line

The flu season, which becomes more aggressive in winter, can negatively impact human health, thus reducing the overall performance of the immune system.

This is why every workplace should ensure that it takes care of its workers to expect a high annual profit from them.

Installing Euromate’s air purifiers for cold and flu improves indoor air quality, reduces healthcare costs, and increases productivity.

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