Fighting Spring Hay Fever Without Endless Drugs

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Woman coughing and sneezing in spring hay fever season

Australia is now in Spring!

However, that also means hay fever season, which becomes uncomfortable for many.

This seasonal allergic rhinitis can begin in Australia between October and November and there is one simple and effective solution that does not include the use of endless drugs, air purification.

Although there is no cure, you can deploy this solution to reduce sick days and control additional costs, giving yourself, your customers, or employees a comfortable indoor environment that is free of pollen.  


Hay Fever and its Symptoms 

According to NHS, hay fever is an allergic reaction to pollen released from blooming plants and flowers into the environment.

Various research studies also show evidence of the impact of pollen allergies on heart, lungs, and brain function.

Some common symptoms of hay fever include a runny or blocked nose, itchy and red throat and eyes, headache, fatigue, and in the case of asthma, you may experience shortness of breath, cough, and a tight feeling in your chest.

While there are medications available to ease the symptoms, the solution we talked about can be life-changing for the ones suffering. 


Prevention in the Spring Hay Fever Season 

Pollen released by sprouting trees, plants, and flowers is airborne and can enter the body through the nose and mouth.

Opening windows is not a solution to ventilate the space because you can invite more pollutants into your house or workplace.

Hay fever can also be caused by other non-plant sources, such as dust mites and skin flakes. Air purifiers are the best products to tackle both outside and inside sources of pollutants causing allergies. 

Euromate’s air purification technology captures dust, pet dander, and allergens from the indoor environment and purifies it from all unwanted pollutants.

Unlike complicated ventilation systems, an air purifier is an easy-to-install, plug-and-play device that functions on a normal power supply. 


Euromate Air Purifiers – The Ultimate Solution to Surviving the Spring Hay Fever Season 

Unlike drugs, air purifiers fight against the source of the allergies and tackle them in the first place.

Euromate Pure Air’s robust purification technology also removes the source, making the environment allergen- and pollen-free.

Our air purifiers are not only energy-efficient but also noiseless and ideal for domestic and commercial uses. 

The high-grade HEPA filtration technology captures airborne particles, such as pollen, using a series of ultra-fine randomly-arranged fibers.

Our accredited air purifiers – VisionAir Blue Line and Pure Air Shield (PAS) 3300 feature certified HEPA filters that remove the smallest particles with the highest efficiency.

The air purifiers are not only easy to install but also to operate. Now you can breathe easy and make this spring hay fever season bearable. 

Should you need more information on how our products help prevent other types of allergies, inquire with our indoor experts today.

Clean your indoor air today!