Fight Warehouse Pollution without Decreasing Efficiency 

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Warehouse experiencing warehouse pollution

The warehouse is a synonym for poor indoor air quality. With constant operations and the need to constantly deliver customers superior experiences, the indoor air quality in warehouses has substantially degraded.

Contemporary business models have necessitated warehouses to employ faster turnaround times and energy-efficient infrastructure. It means that warehouse buildings do not have a flexible infrastructure for ventilation and fresh air exchanges within the space.  

In addition to that, the pandemic required many businesses to shift to digital models, which caused a huge spike in e-commerce sales. The situation prompted online businesses to employ extra activities for faster deliveries and efficient supply chains. 

While businesses were at an advantage due to reduced costs, the consequent outcomes led to an indirect increase in other costs. The underlying reason was an increase in warehouse pollution.  

Poor ventilation means that employees are forced to work in a stale and toxic environment. There is a high probability that your workers head home with certain health conditions, such as fatigue, loss of concentration, and lung and eye irritation. 

Warehouse pollution is caused by the presence of smoke, dust, ammonia, and other particulate matter. While health impacts may not show up right away, years of exposure can lead to serious health complications for your staff.  

While the complication of infrastructure does not allow building designs to be flexible enough, there are other ways you can fix the problem. Not only will you start documenting better outcomes, but a reduction in warehouse pollution will also decrease your medical expenses. 

The solution is no secret but a marvel of technology – an air purifier. Air purification technology allows industrial businesses to retrofit systems without any complex modifications to the overall building design.  


Here is your guide to reducing warehouse pollution 

The first course of action is to identify sources of warehouse pollution. The best is to ask your workers if they are experiencing difficulty breathing or having any health issues lately. 

There can be various factors contributing to the overall degradation of indoor air quality, such as mold growth, exhaust fumes, and chemical and gas emissions. Also, keep a constant check on temperature, humidity, and other unusual changes in the environment.  

The second is to consult with a specialist air purification company, like Euromate Pure Air. One of the main advantages reach out to experts is that they brief you in detail and suggest the most relevant equipment for your warehouse. 

Here, the question arises why air purifiers? The reason is that ventilation is extremely necessary to reduce warehouse pollution. The extent of toxicity in the environment is unimaginable. 

Therefore, fresh air dilutes the concentration of chemicals and gases, leading to a safe breathing environment and maximizing efficiency amongst workers. However, with the inability of warehouses to get fresh air into space, technology has to play a role.  

The third step is to find an air purifier company that offers the best value against your investment. Euromate is a leading name in Australia, with the most advanced air purification system portfolio, comprising domestic and commercial technology.

Industrial HF is one of the commercial air purifiers Euromate offers, and it is ideal to reduce warehouse pollution and maximizing productivity.  


Euromate Industrial HF Air Cleaner  

Our industrial air purifier comes equipped with three main filters that you can choose as per your issue: HFE, HFC, and HFM. While HFE captures fine dust and smoke particles, HFC is known to remove odors and gases, and HFM captures smoke and rubber particles. 

All in all, Euromate Pure Air is an all-rounder to cater to your problems.   


Additional Measures  

There is more to it – you must undertake other additional measures to maintain good air quality, such as the maintenance of air filters. People often think that installing an air purifier will do the job. 

Though it will, you have to take it just like any other machine. Air purifiers need maintenance, and frequent cleaning of air filters is at the top of the list. Debris and dirt particles may hinder optimum operations. Therefore, cleaning them is necessary. 

Usually, the recommendation is to clean them thrice a year, but it really depends on your work environment.  

We have done most of your work; all you have to do is call it into action. There is no downside to installing air purifiers in your warehouses. Not only will they reduce medical expenses, equipment downtime and loss of concentration, but your business will also witness productivity and profit growth. 

Clean your indoor air today!