Frequently Asked Questions

Euromate Pure Air is a leading supplier of modern air purification technology for commercial, medical, and industrial premises. Our air purifiers have been proven globally for odor and gas removal. Please check our case studies. 

Yes, they certainly are. However, not every air purifier is effective. The ones featuring an H13 or H14 filter will capture ultra-fine COVID particles with more than 99% efficiency. 

All Euromate products are simple plug-and-play units which means they do not require any ductwork. They can either be mounted on your wall/ceiling or can be used on a stand for portability.

Yes. Depending on the pollutant, we offer different kinds of filters such as bag, electrostatic, HEPA, Carbon, etc. Please contact us today to find out which filter works best for you.

Unlike typical filters, Euromate air purifiers are equipped with HEPA filters that are a strong warrior in shielding against the contagious coronavirus that is proven to remain in the air for up to 3 hours in form of small droplets.  

HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters that can capture particles of size 0.01 microns whereas, the virus that causes COVID-19 is around 0.125 microns. Therefore, this indicates that these filters are highly efficient and can be used to remove ultra-fine particles in a commercial setting. All commercial air purifiers are tested and research-proven against Coronavirus particles.

The best HEPA air purifier for COVID Australia by Euromate Pure Air does effectively filter out COVID particles out of the air. HEPA filters are basically high-efficiency filters, proven effective against aerosols that carry the virus in the air.  

Definitely. For some industries, such as Food and Pharmaceuticals, strict air-quality requirements are necessary as pollutants such as dust can affect the quality of the end product.

A commercial air purification system is specifically designed to provide clean and pure air to commercial spaces. Unlike domestic air cleaners, commercial air filtration systems usually feature a combination of filters and have higher air changes in a given time. As a result, these air purifiers can cater to the large movement of people and routine operations common in commercial areas.

Euromate commercial air purifiers also offer HEPA filters to fight against harmful bacteria and viruses including the novel coronavirus, thus making your business premise a safer place. Commercial air purifying systems have vast applications across the industry, including schools, hospitals, medical centers, and many more. In a nutshell, these units are robust enough to extract dust particles, fumes, micro-organisms, and odors.

In a room where fresh air circulation is impossible, AC systems or fans can spread aerosols containing coronavirus more than usual. 

Not all. It depends on the technology and the filter configuration. Euromate air purifiers feature activated Carbon filters which are completely capable of removing odor.