Euromate Pure Air – Protecting Schools from COVID-19

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Many internet sources have highlighted the issue of outdoor air pollution and its consequences on the planet and people. However, there is still scarce content addressing the issue of indoor air quality and how it deteriorates people’s health with time. 

The Environmental Protection Agency has indicated that indoor air quality is five times more polluted than outdoor air. Given the importance of indoor air quality, we shouldn’t leave schools out of our discussion. 

Several studies conducted by EPA’s Science Advisory Board suggest that indoor air pollution is one of the top five risks to public health. Therefore, there is no denying the fact that children can be twice as susceptible to air pollutants containing harmful bacteria and airborne diseases. 

Indoor air quality has become of paramount importance for parents and school management alike. As Australian schools geared up for reopening, several environmental factors became a concern because they are related to indoor air quality. 

These factors include bushfires, increased outdoor air pollution, and the risk of coronavirus transmission. Apart from parents, the situation has profoundly influenced teachers and other occupants of a school building. 


Why Indoor Air Quality in Schools is Important 

Children are known to be more sensitive when it comes to pollution. The reason is that they have a higher intake of air as compared to adults. 

Teachers are also exposed to the same risk, and longer exposure to concentrated air pollutants can sometimes lead to fatal outcomes. Studies have shown that improvement in indoor air quality in schools has positive impacts on both students and teachers. 

Let’s discuss a few: 

Reduces the risk of transmission 

The outbreak of the pandemic and school reopenings sparked waves of concerns in parents due to the contagious nature of the virus. However, several regulatory bodies, such as EPA and CDC, highlighted the importance of ventilation in enclosed spaces. 

The circulation of fresh air in classrooms dilutes the concentration level of airborne viruses and reduces the risk of transmission and surface contamination. 

Lowers absenteeism rate 

Poor indoor air quality in schools may result in more than one call-in-sick day by the staff as well as students. Not only does a higher absenteeism rate is alarming for parents, but it also tarnishes the reputation of your school. 

Optimal indoor air quality in schools and increased ventilation in classrooms lead to lower absenteeism rates and reduce the risk of virus transmissions. 

Improves concentration and performance 

Studies have shown the positive impact of optimal indoor air quality in schools on the learning experience, performance, and concentration of students and teachers. 

Better indoor air quality in schools facilitates improvement in cognitive abilities, problem-solving, and student engagement. 


The Role of Air Purifiers in Combating Coronavirus in Schools 

Ventilation has the most crucial role in reducing the risk of virus transmission, such as airborne ones like COVID-19. The reason is that ventilation facilitates the circulation of fresh air into classrooms and the filtration of pollutants, airborne viruses, and bacteria. 

As a result, fresh air dilutes the concentration of pollutants, lowering the risk of hanging in the air. However, opening windows for the purpose of ventilation is not smart because pollutants from outdoor air cause the same set of challenges. 

The deployment of air purifiers in schools is a perfect solution to combat poor air quality and the risk of COVID-19 virus transmission.   

The installation of air purifiers in schools is effective in filtering out even the smallest particles. Air filtration technology like Euromate’s that features HEPA filters is recommended by EPA because it is more than 95 percent effective in pollutant filtration and cleaning of indoor air. 

The cleaners leave a safe and healthy environment to breathe and an optimal learning experience for students. 


How Euromate Pure Air is Helping Schools in Combating COVID-19 

With educational institutions in Australia getting back on track, there still exists a fear of new variant outbreaks. If a new wave engulfs Australia, education will be compromised once again.

However, there is still some hope left if we abide by the code of ventilation and air purification, and Euromate can help you with that. 

Euromate Pure Air has the most effective air purification technology in Australia. We have been in the industry for more than forty years; our air purifiers in schools have been leaving a lasting impact on everyone because they feature the most advanced technology to remove toxic pollutants from the environment. 

Euromate’s Pure Air Shield 3300 and VisionAir Blue Line are ideal choices for educational institutions, specifically when COVID-19 cases are spiking every other day. They both boast a HEPA filter that is effective in the extraction of even the smallest particles with up to 99.95 percent efficiency. 

There is also a fine mesh that extracts suspended particles from the air. Our air purification technology has a quieter operation so that students and teachers can only focus on optimizing the learning experience and concentration levels.

Clean your indoor air today!