El Nino, Bushfire, and Our Indoor Spaces

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El Nino

The weather agency of the United Nations issued a warning that El Nino has strengthened its grip on the world.

Consequently, global temperatures will increase, and there will be a disruptive change in climate patterns. But before we dive deep into the topic, let’s have a brief discussion on El Nino.  

What is El Nino?

According to CNN, in simple terms, “El Nino is a climatic pattern that originates in the Pacific Ocean along the equator and impacts weather all over the world.”

Here are a few facts that give you more awareness about El Nino 

  • El Niño refers to a climatic pattern characterized by the unusual warming of surface waters in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean. It represents the “warm phase” within the broader phenomenon known as the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO). 
  • Australian droughts have been associated with El Nino; however, the impact on the rainfall is difficult to predict. The consequence of the El Nino wave that occurred during 1997-1998 resulted in a dramatic decrease in precipitation levels in eastern Australia and Tasmania. 
  • Climate experts believe that El Nino is becoming more frequent, and the frequency will keep increasing with its impact.

How are El Nino and Bushfires Related?

El Nino waves can lead to extreme heat waves, bushfires and droughts. The effects of the events are usually witnessed in eastern regions of Australia in the form of hotter temperatures and less rainfall. All the conditions combined increase heat and intensify the likelihood of bushfires.

El Nino showed its greatest impact during 2019-2020, with 2019 being the hottest year in Australian history. Consequently, it led to severe bushfire season due to rising degrees.

Later, during 2020-2023, the country experienced La Nina, which is the opposite of El Nino. It leads the country to record abundant showers and flooding. While heavy rainfalls paved the way for lush greens and bushland, it left the country in danger as it approaches the next El Nino event. According to climate experts, El Nino will strengthen its grip in the coming days, and 2024 could break the record for being the hottest year in global history.  

Australia is at Risk of Bushfires Ahead of El Nino Season

Australian communities are asked to prepare in advance for upcoming summers due to the increased risk of bushfire season. According to experts, bushfires this season will likely be the strongest since 2020.

The Australian Fire Authorities has issued a warning that the country is highly likely to witness risk of bushfires due to a rise in temperatures, disruptive weather patterns and a significant drop in rainfall. Therefore, it is better to plan and be prepared.  

How To Prepare For A Bushfire Season?

As we approach the next El Nino event, let’s take a look at how you should prepare for a bushfire season in Australia.  

  • Maintain your garden and cut trees and bushes
  • Ensure your property’s entrance is three meters wide and has clear access 
  • Install a sprinkler system for dangerous situations
  • Garden hoses should be long enough to reach all parts of your property
  • Enclose any open areas under your house
  • Opt for metal roofs
  • Repair any gaps in external walls 

Air Purifiers Are Key To Preparing For Bushfires

Bushfire smoke threatens human health and well-being, and air purification technology plays a crucial role in alleviating the impacts of the smoke. Air purifiers like Euromate that feature HEPA filters can significantly lead to good indoor air quality during bushfires. According to estimates published by Public Health Research and Practice, HEPA filters can potentially improve indoor air by up to 74 per cent.

These stats can dramatically improve the lives of those suffering from asthma and other health conditions. Euromate Pure Air has a range of air purifiers with HEPA filters that are known to eliminate more than 95 per cent of toxic air. You can speak to our indoor air quality experts for more information.