Effects of Dust Inhalation and How to Eliminate Them

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A ray of sun coming through the wooden shutters, illuminates dust on the inside of a dark room.

Dust is a collection of different materials, such as pollen, minerals, dirt, soot particles, and industrial exhaust.

It is common in the industrial sector due to different processes, such as woodwork, sanding, crushing, milling, and grinding.  

Dust includes particles of every size. While larger particles fall off and are too large to inhale, smaller particles become airborne and can hang in the air for a long time.

According to Queensland’s workplace safety and health department, there are two categories of tiny dust particles: inhalable and respirable.

Inhalable dust has visible particles of size smaller than 100 µm, and it can have a negative impact on the upper respiratory system. Respirable dust has invisible particles smaller than 10 µm, and they can penetrate deep into your lungs and can cause significant lung damage. 

Health Effects of Dust Particles

The health effects of dust particles are adverse; however, the reaction of our respiratory system to dust particles depends on where the particles reach our bodies.

For instance, dust particles that only reach the nose may cause rhinitis, a reaction in the eyes, nose, and throat due to allergens in the air.

Dust particles that settle in the air passages may lead to tracheitis or bronchitis. The macrophage system may be affected in severe cases with a high amount of dust particles involved.

However, non-respirable or coarse particles do not seriously impact human health unless they have a medical condition like asthma or emphysema. 

Prevent the Health Effects of Dust Particles by Cleaning Indoor Air

The industrial sector should implement stringent control measures to prevent the health effects of dust particles.

While masks, personal protective equipment, and worker training sessions are vital, proper dust control is fundamental. The most effective approach to eliminating dust is installing a robust particulate extraction system.

Euromate Pure Air offers premium air filtration systems for effective particulate extraction, with a solution for every sector and space.

HF Industrial and DFI 8500 are two of the robust filtration systems for the industrial sector. They are proven effective in filtering indoor air and providing a safe and dust-free atmosphere.

Benefits of Euromate Air Cleaning Systems

The bottom line is that we often overlook dust particles without even realizing their powerful influence on human health.

The commercial sector is notorious for the worst indoor air quality due to industrial processes that degrade the environment and affect workers’ health and well-being.

Air purification is the only effective solution to tackle dust and other indoor air quality issues. Euromate Pure Air is a leading name in the air filtration landscape and has air cleaners for residential and commercial clients.

If you want to know more about our filtration range, hit us up with your query. 

Clean your indoor air today!

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